STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 19)”


Season one (1) – Episode nineteen (19)


The mild wind made the attention touch between Wisdom and Tochi extra romantic when Esther added a query tag to her sentence however she used to be so blind to look it.

“Are you inlove with the guy that the tree reminded you of?” Esther requested Tochi once more.

Wisdom used to be anticipating her to mention sure as a result of he knew Tochi used to be not directly regarding him and that might have given him a clue on the way to inform her his emotions, so he listened very attentively.

“No, I don’t love him” Tochi spoke back and Wisdom used to be disenchanted.

“But you smiled when you remembered the person” Esther instructed her and persisted, “When you remember someone and smile it shows that you are inlove with the person”


“Yes, so follow your heart my dear” she concluded and held Wisdom very carefully.

Short while later, they were given to the place Esther needed to go away and depart either one of them to proceed.

“Okay, have a nice weekend” Wisdom instructed her.

“Just like that?” she query and Tochi checked out her.

“What next?” Wisdom threw again the query.

“You should at least give me a hug” they smiled.

Wisdom gently hugged her, and thru his shoulder Esther checked out Tochi in some way that explains: Bear in mind what I instructed you. Then they disengaged themselves and she or he departed.

The highway used to be too lonely for Wisdom and Tochi as they walked concurrently with out exchanging phrases to one another. They may see birds flying throughout their heads and listening to the sound of distance automobiles. Tochi noticed herself being extra mild and humble. One may just inform from her look. She had a wonderful steps and frame utterly. She couldn’t simply forestall pondering of the dream she had with the similar individual beside him.

“Who is the guy?” Wisdom broke the silence with out having a look at her.

“Which guy?” she checked out him.

“The one the tree reminded you of”

Tochi smiled and stored quiet.

“I mean the one from your former school” Wisdom clarified after which checked out her.

“He was my senior just like you” Tochi spoke back.

“What’s his name?”




Wisdom stored quiet and concept for some time. He understood that she used to be not directly regarding his personal Wisdom, then he smiled.

“Then why don’t you love him?” he requested.

“Nothing” Tochi spoke back with out having a look at him. “Though, I also dreamt about him yesterday night” she added.

“Really? Can you tell me about it?”

“I saw exactly what happened under the tree with him”

“And what happened under the tree?” Wisdom stopped and checked out her in anticipation.

“The Wisdom in my former school ehn” Tochi started. “He took me under the tree when rain was falling, he was so nice to me that I even slept in his arms”

“That was a romantic dream” they started to stroll once more smiling. “But that should be a reason why you should love him” he added and pay attention to listen to a reaction from her however Tochi by no means mentioned a phrase. They walked quietly like that until only a few metres clear of Tochi’s area.

“That’s our house over they” she pointed.

“Oh, I have seen it. I will come tomorrow by 4:00pm”

“Okay” they stared at every different and smiled prior to Wisdom gently left, then Tochi started to pass over him already. She couldn’t forestall having a look backword to look him for final time.

“Wisdom!” she exclaimed from a distance, then Wisdom stopped and grew to become. “Please, don’t disappoint me. Make sure you come tomorrow oh!” she added.

Wisdom didn’t say a phrase however smiled at her and nodded his head undoubtedly.


Jennifer’s area used to be a long way from Wisdom’s however as regards to Calista’s, Esther’s area used to be as regards to Chester’s however a long way from Wisdom’s, Melody’s area used to be closed to Wisdom’s however a long way from Chester’s. Whilst Tochi’s area used to be as regards to each Wisdom and Melody’s area however a long way from others.

Melody used to be within the kitchen getting ready lunch. She wore a blue brief skirt and a brown best with out bra. Her nipples might be observed during the best as though she used to be sexually arose. She had a mom who used to be no longer at all times at house and their area used to be a bungalow. She used to be taught to be accountable and feature the concern of God in her, that used to be in reality the explanation why she discovered Jennifer’s and Calista’s habits in opposition to boys very repulsive. She imagined if Wisdom noticed the reward and the observe she stored in his locker or no longer. “Should I go and meet him later in the evening?” she started to assume. “No, that will be awkward. Why am I even thinking about him? But could it be that Wisdom has his eyes on Tochi of all the girls in Winners International Secondary School (WISS)? Hmm, I can’t believe it and I wonder what Jennifer’s reaction will be if what I’m thinking is true” short while later, she unnoticed the idea and started to sing a Christian music.


Simply on the right way to her area, Tochi branched at their neighbour’s to borrowed a dictionary from an previous trained guy. He sat in entrance of his area with only a wrapper tied round his waist. One may just see white hair on his chest.

“Good afternoon, papa” Tochi greeted.

“Eah! Tochi! the Tochi!”

“Yes, papa”

“You look serious with this ur new school”

“Yes, papa” she smiled..



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