STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 21)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-one (21)


Wisdom gently positioned the textbooks at the desk with out having a look at Tochi. He glanced on the dictionary and mentioned, “I never knew you have a dictionary”

“My neighbour gave it to me” she answered, she took just a little look at him and admired his honest good-looking face. “Why did you bring all these textbooks?” she requested.

“They are for you”

“For me?”

“Yes or don’t you like them?”

“I dey craze? I like them, thanks” Wisdom smiled at her phrases and taken out a present affairs booklet.

“What are we doing with current affairs?” Tochi requested.

“In quiz, questions come from different dimension but we are going to start with English-spellings and meanings”

“Oh Lala!” she exclaimed.

“Who taught you that?”

“Mr Anuma, he said it means Oh my God”

“I do know, is a French language.

Now, pick out up your pen and e-book” Wisdom commanded with all seriousness and Tochi felt like a spouse being recommended via her husband.

Wisdom name many laborious English phrases and advised her the meanings.

Every now and then, she attempted to make use of the dictionary if she forgets any however Wisdom will save you her ensuring she recalls it.

Every now and then they’re going to drag the dictionary and chortle to the level Wisdom concealed the dictionary and if she fails any phrase he’s going to hit her with the e-book romantically.

Mrs Desmond, who got here out short while later watched them from the door and shook her head negatively with smiles on her face.

“Spell EXPOSTULATE” Wisdom demanded, and Tochi have a look at him.

She sought after to be over excited via his good-looking face however she shook her head vigorously.

“EX-PO-STU-LA-TE” she wired and started to spell.

“E X P O S T U L A T” she concluded and checked out Wisdom.

“You missed a letter”

“That letter must be letter ‘E”

“Yes, you are correct, and it means to argue or to disagree about something” as he defined Tochi wrote it down..

* * * * * * * * *

Jennifer’s space wasn’t modernized. The roof was once made with zinc whilst the partitions have been made with dust. However no one may just imagine or understand it from how stunning it seemed.

She sat out of doors with a stool and sooner than her was once some other stool with a e-book on it.

She tied a wrapper throughout her waist on a white singlet.

One may just see her contemporary breast throughout the nook of her armpit.

Unexpectedly, Calista seemed dressed in a decent black skirt and in addition a white most sensible.

“You have come to do approko, abi?” Jennifer joked.

“Na you be chief of approkos” she glanced into space and took a seat. “Is your mother around?” she reduced her voice.

“No, you seem scared, why?”

“I’m afraid of your mother oh”

“Why is everybody afraid of my mother?”

“Are you telling me that you don’t know why? Isn’t it because she’s..” she seemed round and reduced her voice the extra. “ a result of she’s very tough doin some of these diabolical and conventional issues.

With only a leaf she offers you, you’ll cross gaga”

“Abeg stop it!” Jennifer defended. “My mother is only against her enemies”

“Hmm, that’s by the way, I know you will not harm that girl, Tochi on Monday”

“Hey!” Jennifer stood up and altered her wrapper. “The lady don die for my hand! I should kill her!

As for Wisdom, he should certainly be apologetic about. I can be sure that of that”

“But don’t conclude oh”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t know if they are dating”

“I don’t care! I saw enough evidence yesterday! Because of that little rat Wisdom rejected me” she hissed.

“Hmm, take it easy oh” Calista concluded.

* * * * * * * * *


The day was once getting darkish when Wisdom was once already via with the lesson and Tochi escorted him.

They might see the sunshine of cars and listen to a track, #CONNECT via #PHYNO a well-liked igbo rapper enjoying at a close-by store.

A boy with a sagged trouser and handkerchief in his hand shook his waist and danced dramatically on the beat. They were given to a lonely position the place Tochi had to return and Wisdom held her hand and seemed into her eyes.

“I hope to see you becoming smarter than what I experienced today” he mentioned.

“Trust me nah” she smiled and Wisdom noticed it via the assistance of a mild from a shifting automobile.

“Alright, I have to go” he mentioned.

“Thank you very much” Tochi sought after to disengage her hand from his however Wisdom held it again, then she checked out him feeling her middle beating once more.

“A friend asked me if I have kissed before” Wisdom broke the silence.

“Have you?”


“Neither have i”

They remained quiet once more.

Tochi held him rather well and he pulled her nearer.

“You need to start going” she advised him and went again to her place.

“Yeah, that’s true”

“Good night”

“Good night”

They progressively disengaged their fingers and gently walked away having a look again every so often.

* * * * * * * * *


Wisdom was once the primary particular person to reach in class having a look neat because the senior prefect.

He walked round the entire premises together with his fingers in his pocket.

He every so often glanced on the highway the place Tochi think to come back via if he would see her strolling against him with a good looking smile on her face.

Short while later he noticed a wonderful feminine pupil coming throughout the highway however was once no longer visibly noticed because of morning dew, then he stared..



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