STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 22)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-two (22)


The extra she walked the extra stunning she gave the impression

She wore the right kind ironed uniform-white lone sleeve blouse and inexperienced skirt

And on her head used to be a inexperienced barrette which some a part of her hair got here out and dangled round her cheek

Her black shoe fitted completely with the white stockings

She hung her one-handed bag throughout certainly one of her shoulder with a white handkerchief in her hand

Straight away she noticed Wisdom she started to grin

Wisdom may just see a part of her yellowish thighs from the fast skirt she wore having a look very horny and sexually arose

“Wow!” he exclaimed nonetheless together with his fingers in his wallet

“Good morning” Tochi greeted and smiled in his presence however all at once bent down her head

“You look absolutely exquisite” Wisdom used the precise grammar Mr Anuma used on him

“Chei! Are you abusing me? The grammar is too much oh”

“My dear you look beautiful” “Thanks

You too” “And you’re too early lately

Why?” “I promised you never to come to school late again”

“That’s good” they changed into quiet smiling at each and every different, then Tochi gently handed him in some way her arm touched his

She walked into her magnificence with out having a look again, then Wisdom smiled

Little while later he went to her study room and noticed her rehearsing what they learnt on Saturday

“Come lets take a work” Wisdom steered

“But I’m busy” “Just stand up” he held her through the hand and took her up

They walked smartly across the faculty compound like

“I want to ask you something” Tochi started

“Do you know how it feels to be inlove?”

“Yes, why asking?”

“Because someone is having the feelings and dying to hear you say you love her” Wisdom changed into wonder at her phrases

He used to be in reality pondering that she used to be not directly telling him that she loves him

So he requested, “Who is this girl you are talking about?”

“It is Esther” Wisdom stopped and stared at her

He used to be dissatisfied for the second one time with out realizing what to mention

“Yes, Wisdom” Tochi persevered watching him too

“She’s madly inlove with you

Why can’t you give her an opportunity? She’s my good friend and I’m to be through her facet at all times, please, give her an opportunity”

“But I don’t have any feelings for her!”

“Then develop it”

“I will be able to’t! I’ve attempted severally

My center beat for just one lady

She’s the individual I dream of day and night time

How do you are expecting me to forget my emotions?” Tochi’s center started to overcome once more as she stared and listened to him

“Who is the woman your heart beat for?” she requested

Wisdom sought after to reply however the presence of Jennifer who stood of their presence averted him

She checked out Either one of them angrily and hissed, then she walked away

“Please, I have to go” Tochi additionally walked out however Wisdom held her again

“I’m sorry, leave me alone” she added however Wisdom wouldn’t pay attention, then she get his hand off through drive and walked into her study room

She attempted to think about how she feels for Wisdom, how ladies flock round him, how she wasn’t in the similar class with them and tears dropped from her eyes

* * * * * * * * * * *

All of the accountable scholars arrived together with Esther, Chester, Melody and Calista

Simply prior to the meeting used to be due, Chester went to Esther’s locker the place she used to be bringing out her hymn ebook and startled her

“Hi, good morning” he greeted

“Good morning” Esther smiled at him and persevered on the lookout for the ebook

She considered why Chester got here to her that morning as it used to be in contrast to him

“Can you give me your attention, please?” Chester asked, then she grew to become and smiled once more

Her wetlips and tool made her good looks sparkle

“I want you to have this” Chested passed a bundle to her

“What is this?” she gently took it smiling

“It is for you and you alone” Esther regularly opened it and couldn’t imagine her eyes-a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone!!

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and checked out him

“Thank you” she stated with a tragic face

“What is it?” Chester requested

“I do know you’ll have enough money this relating to your background however I will be able to’t settle for it

My folks will ask questions” to her wonder Chester introduced out some other bundle and passed it to her

“I knew you’ll say one thing like this that’s why I made it two

This is a novel for ladies written through #Bright_Daniel, I’m hoping you love it?” Chester stated

“I love it!” she exclaimed and glanced on the identify; THE HEART OF WOMEN

“I really like studying Brilliant Daniel’s novels

Thanks such a lot” she added

“You are welcome” Chester walked away

“But Chester!” she referred to as him again

“Why are you giving me gifts?”

“Because you are my friend” he spoke back

“Thank you once again” “You are welcome once again” he smiled and departed

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The bell used to be rung and scholars went to the meeting flooring

Tochi noticed Jennifer tracking her and making nefarious indicators at her

She sensed that she used to be in hassle or most probably will probably be crushed up through her or staff of senior scholars

Wisdom seemed dissatisfied and refused to speak or move to the meeting flooring

Esther and Melody now and again checked out him and questioned what used to be goin on..


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