STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 23)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-three (23)


Linda spotted Tochi’s temper once more to be uninteresting and unprotected as they stood at the meeting flooring, however she couldn’t ask her what the issue was once as a result of it will have brought about noise making

Even knowledge appeared uninteresting within the sight of Esther and Chester and refused to turn himself at the meeting flooring as standard

Simply earlier than the meeting ended, the important referred to as him from his place of business and gave him directions

After the nationwide anthem everyone anticipated to look the important or Mr Anuma however none have been provide thereby inflicting a emerging noise

Simply earlier than their very eyes Wisdom got here out status earlier than 500 scholars with out smiling

“Silent everybody!” he shouted and all consideration was once given to him

Tochi’s middle started to overcome quicker once more, Esther and Jennifer even all of the scholars admired him

“But he doesn’t look happy, why?” Esther idea

“Good morning my fellow students”

“Good morning, senior!” they chorused and in all places turned into quiet

“According to the principal” Wisdom started

“All SS3 scholars must get able for his or her ultimate 12 months exam, WAEC as it’s rapid coming near than anticipated

Secondly, the quiz between SS2 and SS3 will now happen within the subsequent two weeks as a substitute of 4

So get ready.

Thanks” he gently stepped down and walked out with none sign for Esther to disregarded the meeting as standard which were given her extra apprehensive

So she quietly stood up and disregarded them

* * * * * * * * * * *

Tochi rested her head on her locker and Linda spotted it to be not like her, then she adjusted her seat and tapped her

“You look so worried, what is it?” “I’m okay” Tochi responded unfortunately

“No, you aren’t

You’ll communicate to me” Tochi appeared up

Her face was once glowing with make-u.s.powder and wetlips

“Linda I’m scared” she mentioned

“Of what?!” “Of Jennifer! She noticed me with Wisdom this morning and hissed

And I additionally noticed her having a look at me in a deadly approach this morning” “I instructed you oh

Are you courting Wisdom?” Linda requested however Tochi saved quiet watching her and feeling her heartbeat

“Do you love him?” Linda was once nonetheless inquisitive, then Tochi gently nodded her head

“Yes, I love him” she mentioned with a low voice

“Oh my God!” Linda exclaimed

“You higher eliminate that emotions oh!

For crying out loud, how do you propose to stand most of these women flocking round him?!”

“That’s why I’m scared! Even Esther my pal can be towards me

I don’t know what to do!” her eyes turned into rainy with tears

“But has Wisdom made a relationship proposal to you?” Linda requested

“No, but I believe he will any moment from now” “You better reject him if he does”

“Ehn?!” “You heard me proper

Except you need to die” Tochi saved quiet and went right into a deep idea

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wisdom have been noticing Jennifer’s persona in opposition to him to be mercurial and indignant

She hissed sometimes each time she handed his locker and had now not talked to him and even greeted him till spoil duration when the important despatched him to an erran outdoor the college compound

Alternatively, Tochi had refused to move outdoor however she in spite of everything did when Esther summoned her

They have been at their standard place sitting as perfect pals, then Esther spotted her unhappy temper and tranquility

“Is there anything bothering you?” she requested

“No oh” Tochi gave a susceptible smile

“You’re appearing stressed identical to Wisdom

What is going on?”

“Nothing, I’m okay” she smiled once more

“So tell me” Esther adjusted her seat

“Were you able to convince Wisdom?”

“Do you want the truth?” Tochi requested

“Yes, I’m curious” “Wisdom only like you as a friend but doesn’t love you” Esther frowned her face

“He said that his heart beat for only one woman”

“Who is this woman because I know it can’t be Jennifer”

“I don’t know” Tochi responded and confronted her e book

“He didn’t tell me” she added and Esther felt like crying

At that second Jennifer and Calista seemed with different team of strong-headed feminine scholars

Then Tochi’s middle skipped when she noticed them

“Good day seniors” she greeted

“Jennifer, what’s the problem?” Esther requested

“Hey! Just hold it there!” Jennifer demonstrated together with her hand angrily

“I didn’t come right here for you

I got here as a result of this fool referred to as Tochi who has crossed her boundary”

“Senior, what have I done” Tochi requested with a shaking voice

Prior to she knew it Jennifer gave her a legitimate slap

“How dare you ask me such stupid question!” she exclaimed, then Esther stood up angrily

“You dare not touch her again unless you want to fight me!” she mentioned

“Then asked her what she was doing with my Wisdom at Mr Anuma’s office on Friday after school hour!”

Listening to that, Esther checked out Tochi strangely

“We didn’t do anything oh” Tochi responded

“Shut up, you lair!” Jennifer shouted

“If I ever see you with Wisdom again, you are dead!” Esther turned into speechless watching Tochi.


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