STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 24)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-four (24)


Linda noticed what was once taking place during the window and ran outdoor however didn’t move close to as a result of she was once most effective however below the entire senior scholars

So she walked round and stood at the back of Tochi whose hand was once on her cheek to scale back the ache of the recent slap

“We should deal with this girl eh!!” one of the vital seniors stated and made a transfer however Esther became and driven her out

“You people should get out of here and leave her alone!” she shouted

“Esther, you pushed me because of this rat!” the coed shouted

“I will do worst than that if you don’t get out of here!” The pupil sought after to make some other transfer however Jennifer avoided her

“Listen to me, Tochi” she started

“Anywhere you see Wisdom start running because next time I will do worst than a slap! Nonsense!” she hissed and walked out angrily along with her buddies shaking their butts vigorously

Simply then, Melody and Chester sighted Esther during the window shouting at Tochi

“I never knew you are this deadly and wicked” Esther started

“How can you stab me at the back after all I told you?”

“I swear we didn’t do anything” Tochi stated

“We are not even doing anything” she added

“You disgust me!” Esther walked out angrily

She just about driven Chester down by accident

“Esther listen to me!” Tochi shouted and adopted her

“Senior! Esther! Please, hear me out!” she stopped at the approach and went into her school room making an attempt so onerous to keep watch over her tears

Melody and Chester changed into speechless questioning what was once occurring, so Chester requested Linda what took place and he or she informed him the whole lot from A-Z

“That girl Jennifer is so annoying!” Chester stated angrily and sought after to move and confront her however Melody held his hands

“Don’t go there, you will make the issue worst” she stated softly

“Just allow them be” she added

Chester’s thoughts step by step bogged down then he checked out Melody’s arms on his arm and he or she step by step disengage her arms

“I’m sorry” she stated however Chester didn’t say a phrase, then they walked into their school room whilst Linda additionally went into her school room simply to look Tochi along with her head on her locker losing tears

“Is okay” she started

“You will have just one choice for this tears to not linger

Simply avoid Wisdom

I’m telling you as a pal who is aware of what Jennifer and her mom can do to get what they would like” she positioned her hand on her shoulder

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Esther’s eyes had been rainy with tears too however wasn’t crying

She spaced out during the window since her locker was once beside the window

Her middle was once in part damaged when she made up our minds to let Wisdom know her emotions via herself as a substitute of sending folks like Tochi whom she believed that betrayed her

Simply then Melody and Chester walked as much as her

“Esther is okay” Chester step by step touched her shoulder

“Tochi is blameless

She’s no longer having any dating with Wisdom” he added however Esther didn’t have a look at him

Seeing that, Melody step by step went out to Jennifer and her buddies

She met them giggling critically on the front of the study room

“Just look at how you are disgracing yourself!” she informed Jennifer

“Wait, na who get this one way you talk now?!” Jennifer requested in pigin English

“You heard me, how could you do such a thing to that innocent girl?”

“Come, you don smoke weed, abi?” “Don’t mind her?” Calista added disdainfully

“Come, I noticed you retaining Chester’s hands

I’m hoping you aren’t eying him or you’re going to additionally obtain slap” she added

“Both of you disgust me! I cease to be your friend from today” Melody walked out shaking her sexy butt involuntarily

“And who cares?!” Jennifer shouted

“Gerara heeaar!” she added and so they laughed

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wreck length ended but, Wisdom wasn’t again from the necessary and hard errand

Simply ten mins earlier than faculty over, he arrived and located all over quiet and arranged

Tochi noticed him strolling into predominant’s workplace during the window and he or she got rid of her eyes immediately

However that wasn’t consistent

She saved glancing on the workplace to grasp when he’ll pop out having a look admirable

All of sudden, the bell rang for varsity over

Simply as Wisdom was once strolling to Chester’s school room, he noticed Tochi and Linda going house with their luggage

“Tochi!” he known as however she didn’t resolution him

“Tochukwu!” but, no reaction

To his very eyes, Melody and Esther walked out and headed directly to the street in their properties with out even pronouncing ‘Hi’ as standard, then he questioned why

“Guy, what is going on?” Wisdom requested Chester who met him

“Why is everybody behaving formal to me?”

“You mean Esther and Tochi?”

“Yes!” “Jennifer got into a fight with Tochi because of you, in Esther’s presence and you know what that means”

“But why would Jennifer do such a thing?”

“Guy, I can’t believe you are the one asking this question! She said she saw you with Tochi at Mr Anuma’s office on Friday”

“And so what?! I feel that woman is over reacting

What nonsense is that?! I’m going to show her a lesson!”

“Guy, calm down” Wisdom noticed Jennifer and Calista at that second, then he moved quickly to fulfill them..


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