STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 25)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-five (25)


Regardless that combating used to be prohibited in WISS particularly when it comes from a prefect like Wisdom who assume to turn just right instance, however the laws vanished from his head as he walked with all anger to Jennifer

Chester pursued him seeking to prevent him

“Wisdom stop, you are making a mistake!” he stated

Being a person and in addition a smart particular person, Wisdom knew that it’s going to be in opposition to him and uncall for if him, a boy struggle or quarrel with lady unnecessarily so he made it seem like an offence

Sooner than Jennifer may just realize what used to be going down, Wisdom spank her again infrequently and minimize out a flower as a cane

“Wisdom what is it?!” Jennifer requested

“Get on your kneels!” Wisdom instruction making ready the cane really well

Seeing that, Chester stood apart

“Excuse me?!” “I said get on your kneels!”

“For what?!” “For bullying an blameless lady, Tochi

And that’s in opposition to the college laws, so get in your kneels now!” Wisdom had by no means been so critical and pissed off

Chester sought after to forestall him however he checked out him and stated

“Stay out of this!”

“So because of Tochi that’s why you are acting this way” Jennifer hissed and walked out however Wisdom flogged her with the cane nonetheless insisting that she kneel down

Jennifer grabbed him at the fabric able to struggle which attracted a number of scholars, even Tochi noticed them from a distance and sought after to move and separate them

“Where are you going to?” Linda requested her

“Please, i want to go and make peace”

“No, you are going nowhere!” Linda held her hand

“Let’s go home” she added

“Linda, please nah!”

“I won’t allow you go there!”

“Okay, but let me see what will happen” Linda launched her

In the meantime, Jennifer launched Wisdom when Mr Anuma gave the impression

“Caleb, what’s going on?” he requested

“She bullied an innocent girl and refused to adhere to my instructions”

“She did?” “Yes, sir”

“Jennifer, you have to obey the senior prefect now!” Mr Anuma ordered

“Get on your kneels!” Wisdom steered once more earlier than she sluggishly knelt down, then Mr Anuma walked away

Seeing that, Linda dragged Tochi house

Jennifer remained like that beneath the solar making plans how she is going to take her revenge

Whilst Wisdom went to near the school rooms with Chester

“Guy, you need to forgive her”

“But why would she lay her hands on an innocent girl for no reason?”

“Remember you did the same thing to Tochi before she became your friend”

“But with a good reason, she refused to show respect!” Chester was quiet

Short while later, they went again to Jennifer

In the meantime maximum scholars had long past aside from others and Calista who sat apart looking ahead to Jennifer to be launched

“You may stand up” Wisdom informed her with a low voice

“I’m sorry however you’re over reacting

Tochi has performed not anything to you” he added

Jennifer stood up and dusted her kneels having a look at him

“You did this because of Tochi abi” she stated

“Well, you’ve not started because i won’t watch that girl take you away from me”

“Jennifer prevent this insanity!

You’re appearing loopy!”

“You are yet to see madness, just get ready!” she hissed and walked away adopted by way of Calista

* * * * * * * * * *


Tochi sat earlier than her desk stuffed with books

She couldn’t concentrat as a result of she anticipated Wisdom to return

Even her mom spotted it

“Tochi, is your teacher not coming today?” the mummy requested

“I don’t know mama” she responded

Unexpectedly Wisdom gave the impression

He greeted Mrs Desmond who replied to him really well and he walked right down to Tochi

“Good evening” she greeted with out smiling

“Evening” Wisdom grabbed a present affairs they usually started with none casualty


Wisdom used to be set to move, he walked out anticipating Tochi to escort him as standard however she didn’t

“Tochi won’t you go and escort him?” the mummy requested

“Mama, i don’t want to”



“Biko nwam, isn’t just right after serving to you favor this you permit him move like that

Simply move and escort him” Wisdom had already loosed hope that she gained’t be escorting him however to his wonder Tochi walked beside him with out pronouncing a phrase

“I thought you won’t escort me today” he broke the silence

“I saw you punishing Jennifer” Tochi modified the subject


“You shouldn’t have done that”

“Regardless that i apologized to her and launched her

However she shouldn’t have laid her fingers on you”

“She thinks we are dating” she smiled

“I’m sorry dear”

“No drawback

However do me a favour” she stopped and stared into his eyes

“What favour?” Wisdom requested

“I want you tell Esther tomorrow that we aren’t dating and that you love her”

“But why?!”

“For me to loose my judgment of right and wrong

She thinks that I’m taking you clear of her similar to Jennifer!” Wisdom remained speechless

“Please, will you do that for me?” Tochi requested

“I guess i should be going now” Wisdom walked out with out having a look again

Regardless that, it pained Tochi, she felt her eyes rainy with tears however she couldn’t do the rest

She used to be most effective seeking to make peace and loose herself from bother

She watched Wisdom walked till he vanished, then the tears in any case dropped…


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