STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 26)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-six (26)


#THE_FOLLOWING_DAY Tochi went to university with a heavy center feeling like she have been disadvantaged from her proper.

She by no means ceased to seem gorgeous and wonderful within the sight of boys particularly Wisdom.

She made certain she was once in class as early as imaginable.

She walked majestically at the street resulting in her school room the place she noticed Wisdom coming from the opposite aspect of the street.

They got here nearer with out taking a look at each and every different.

“Good morning, senior” Tochi greeted however Wisdom didn’t reply, then she handed him however all of sudden grew to become.

“Won’t you answer my greetings?” she requested.

“When you are ready to greet me, you call me by my name” Wisdom answered.

Tochi gave a susceptible smile.

“Good morning, Wisdom” she repeated.

“Good morning, Welcome” he answered and in addition gave a susceptible smile.

Melody, who had small emotions for Wisdom removed it right away when she knew that it received’t choose her and deliberate to be nearer to Esther and Tochi.

Then again, Esther couldn’t wait to specific her emotions to Wisdom.

She got here right away after Tochi left into her school room and met Wisdom at the similar street.

“Good morning, Wisdom” she greeted sparkling with smiles or even gave him one sided hug.

“You look beautiful and happy this morning” Wisdom smiled too.

“Why shouldn’t i be?” “Wow! Good to hear” They stared at each and every different.

“Can i see you..” each mentioned on the similar time and laughed.

“You go first” Esther recommended.

At that second, Tochi got here out and noticed them in this sort of shut vary, then she become jealous gazing them.

“No, you go first” Wisdom insisted.

“Okay, i wanted to ask if i can see you after school hour” “That’s the same thing i wanted to ask” “That means we have the same thing in mind” “Maybe”

“Okay, see you then” Esther concluded and walked out simply to look Tochi taking a look at her.

They stared at each and every different, then Esther hissed and went into her school room.

Jennifer and Calista additionally got here to university with out smiling tracking Tochi’s motion however didn’t see any implication.

* * * * * * * * * * *


Melody was once extra acquainted with Esther than preliminary.

They stayed within the study room cracking jokes however Melody all of sudden wore a distinct face.

“What is it?” Esther requested her.

“Is it true you love Wisdom?”

“Who told you?” “Of course yesterday’s drama made it obvious” Esther remained quiet remembering the all factor.

“What if i say i love him?” she requested.

“That will be great! But what of Jennifer?”

“And so? Why is everyday scared of her?” “I’m just saying” Simply at that second, Tochi walked in after taking permission, then Esther frowned her face.

“Good day seniors” Tochi greeted.

“Welcome” Melody answered.

“Esther, can i talk to you?” “No”

“But i want you to understand that..”

“I said no!” Esther interrupted her angrily.

“Take it easy nah, listen to her!” Melody recommended.

“No, i can now not.

I’ve not anything to do together with her anymore.

Come, who allowed this woman into this elegance?!” she exclaimed and strong_headed boys seemed right away and chased Tochi away.

“You are so mean to her” Melody mentioned.

“That girl is a betrayer” “Hmm” She remained quiet.

* * * * * * * * * *


Chester cornered Tochi after Wisdom advised him to look forward to him to speak to Esther as they deliberate.

Scholars had long past house even Jennifer who have been tracking Tochi’s motion.

“Chester, i want to go” Tochi advised him on the front to her street house.

“Okay, but can i ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Do you really love Wisdom?” Listening to that, her center started to overcome once more and feeling scared.

“Don’t lie to me, do you love him?” Chester persuaded then she nodded her head definitely.

“Okay” Tochi progressively grew to become to move however stopped and checked out Chester.

“Where is Wisdom?” she requested.

“He’s with Esther?” Listening to that, her center skipped pondering that Wisdom was once in fact wearing out her directions, so she went house heartbroken.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was once no pupil within the elegance the place Wisdom stood on the window with Esther in some way Esther laid her again at the wall.

She progressively grabbed his waist and stared into his eyes.

“So tell me that which you wanted to tell me?” she mentioned smiling.

“No, you go first” Wisdom expostulated.

“No, i disagree” “Okay, if you say so” Wisdom started.

“I need you to remember that Tochi don’t have anything to do with me.

By means of the way in which, why are you even offended together with her?” Esther remained quiet biting her finger, them Wisdom gently take away it.

“I only came here to tell you that she’s innocence”

“Then who does your heart beat for?” Esther requested however Wisdom become quiet.

Esther may just sense that it wasn’t her then she touched his cheeks and mentioned, “Wisdom, i like you with all my center.

Please, inform me that you simply love me too, or am i now not gorgeous sufficient?”

“U are very beautiful my dear and i like you as a friend”

“Who then do you love?” “Is Tochi! My heart beat for,her” Esther started to shed tears.

“Please, don’t do this to me” she mentioned.

“I’m sorry, Esther” Wisdom progressively disengaged himself from her and walked away.

“Wisdom, please!” Esther cried…


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