STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 28)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-eight (28)


Mr Anuma put one of his hands inside his pocket and gared at Wisdom who stopped before him.

All the students’ attention went to them.

They knew that Mr Anuma was angry and they expected nothing from his mouth but grammar.

So they listen very attentively.

“Good morning sir” Wisdom greeted looking handsome.

“Caleb” Mr Anuma began and adjusted his eyeglass with the other hand.

“I am so aback at your resent pestilential attitude.

Why have you decided to change from being an arboretum to a scallywag?!”

Wisdom bent down his head in shame.

Some students like tochi pitied him while some giggled at Mr Anuma’s grammar.

Wisdom raised his head up boldly and said, “I’m sorry sir”

“No, apology not accepted.

I demand to know the cause of this late coming that you have deliberately succumbed to!”

“I woke up late, sir” “Did you hear that?” Mr Anuma turned to nobody.

“He woke up late! A senior prefect is telling me that he woke up late!”

“I’m sorry sir, it will never happen again”

“Thank God I’m in a good mood today.

Go and resumed your duties immediately!”

“Thank you sir” Wisdom walked out smiling which gave Tochi a bit hope, so she smiled too.

Esther also turned and concentrated when Wisdom was released.

The assembly went on normally without the presence of Wisdom.

Esther occasionally glanced at Tochi.

“Why has Wisdom decided to choose her instead of me?” she thought and hated her the most.

* * * * * * * * * *

Just after assembly was over, Chester sat alone on his locker without saying anything.

He brought out his phone secretly and began to operate it bending his head downward on the locker.

But he quickly hid it when a hand touched him, then he raised his head up just to see Melody smiling at him.

“Why are you startled?” Melody asked.

“Because i was actually going against the school rules” he replied, then Melody looked under the locker and saw his phone in his hand.

“Oh now i know!” she exclaimed.

“I wonder what Mr Anuma would have said about this” she gazed at the ceiling with a finger on her lips.

“He would have said..” Chester began, “..children of this modern generation cannot comprehend on their own again without the help of so called technology”

“Yes!” Melody shouted and they laughed which attracted Esther’s attention.

Then she looked at them but didn’t care.

As they kept on laughing and joking, she became jealous, yet didn’t want to make herself known.

Suddenly, a female teacher entered and all the class became quiet.

* * * * * * * *

Jennifer walked to Wisdom’s locker humbly.

Her face sparkled with beauty and her breast pointed outward looking sexy.

“I’m sorry” she said.

“For what?” Wisdom asked.

“For slapping Tochi”

“I thought we have settled that already”

“No, you are still not close to me”

“How close do you expect?”

“Very close.

I don’t know why you don’t want to notice my love for you”

“Please, stop, be yourself!” “Is Tochi more beautiful that me?” Wisdom kept quiet.

After few minutes of no response, Jennifer went back to her seat and Calista came around.

“What did he say?” she asked.

“He said nothing” “Hmm..

That Tochi has taken his heart”

“I will make Wisdom love me” Jennifer said staring at the wall.

“How?” Calista wanted to know.

“Watch and see!” she concluded.

* * * * * * * *


Wisdom was lost in thought thinking how to revile to Tochi how he feels.

“I know she will reject me probably because of my past actions towards her or because of Esther and Jennifer” he thought.

Meanwhile,Tochi was also in her classroom reading her book.

But she stopped and stared at the wall.

She was really missing Wisdom and wanted to hear his voice.

She suddenly faced her book again but a voice interrupted her, then she quickly looked up.

Lo and behold, Wisdom stood before her.

Her heart skipped, returned and began to beat faster.

“Wisdom?” she called with a low voice allowing the book to fall from her thighs.

“Good day” Wisdom greeted.

“Sorry for my manners, Good day” Tochi forwarded the greetings.

“I’m sorry for..” “Is okay” she interrupted him.

“I understand.

I waited for you though but didn’t see you”

“I’m really sorry”

“I said is okay” she picked up the book and concentrated on it.

“Can i talk to you after school?” Wisdom asked, then Tochi raised up her head.

“You mean both of us?” she asked.

“Yes” “I hope no problem..

By the way did you tell Esther what i told you?”

“Yes, i only told her we aren’t dating” Tochi stared at him expecting other part of her request but Wisdom kept quiet.

“And?” she broke the silence.

“And nothing” Wisdom replied.

“Please, will you see me after school?” he added.

“Okay, if you say so”

“Thanks” he walked out gently and Tochi didn’t need a prophect to tell her that he was going to propose to her.


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STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 20)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty (20)


Tochi didn’t know the way to specific her request to the fogey previous guy, so she started to scratch her head and smiling on the identical time. Being a sensible previous guy, the person understood her unusual angle.

“I know you want something from me that’s why you are acting foible” the person started. “Listen my daughter, you have to be folksy to me all the time. Now tell me, what’s your demand?”

“Papa is because of this your big big grammar that made me to come here oh. You are no different from our teacher Mr Anuma”

The previous guy laughed. “So you want me to teach you grammar or what?” he requested.

“No, I want to borrow your dictionary so that I will be checking all this grammar you and my teacher speak”

“That’s so good of you” the person dusted his legs and went inside of. He got here out with an oxford dictionary and passed it to Tochi. “You can keep it” he mentioned.

“Ehn?! Papa, you mean I should take it without returning it?”

“Yes, is now yours”

“Hey! Papa thank you oh. God will bless you! But wait oh” she paused. “Which one will you use?” she requested.

“I have another one”

“Hey! Thank you so much. I must learn grammar by force. Grammar, here I come!” she had a good time house whilst the previous guy smiled at her humorous persona.


#THE_NEXT_DAY four:30pm

Because of the presence of Melody’s mom she wasn’t in a position to peer Wisdom as she deliberate the day prior to this. So right here used to be every other alternative for her to head and spot him. She dressed up dressed in a jean trouser and a white T-shirt with a flat footwears. She opened the entrance door and couldn’t imagine who she noticed.

“Wisdom?” she referred to as and stared into his eyes. She may see some textbooks in his palms and a pen.

“I was just going to your house” she added.



“Well, I have come before you” they smiled.

“Come inside” Melody opened the door broadly.

“No, i’m rushing to somewhere. I’m already late”

“Oh, I see” she regarded on the books once more. “Are you having a private lesson with someone?”

“Yes” Wisdom knew she would ask who the individual used to be so he jumped over to the principle explanation why he got here. “I saw your note and gift, so I’ve came to say thank you”

“You are welcome” Melody smiled.

“I hope you paid the school fees”

“Yes, I did”

“Okay, bye”

“Alright, see you on Monday”

Wisdom left whilst Melody entered inside of and admired him during the window.


It used to be four:45pm and Wisdom used to be now not but at Tochi’s citizens as they deliberate which were given Tochi apprehensive. On the other hand, she had advised her mom about Wisdom whom Mr Anuma have recommended to assist her find out about and he or she agreed. One may see a desk she set outside-at the yard with books and dictionary on most sensible of it however. She used to be in reality along with her mom within the kitchen keeping apart greens and taking a look stressed. She regarded again every so often at any little voice she heard to understand if it used to be Wisdom. The mom spotted her temper to be not like her and in addition glanced on the desk stuffed with books.

“Tochukwu nwam”


“You behave strange or is it because of the Wisdom you told me about?”

“No, Mama” she regarded again once more into the passage hoping to peer Wisdom coming via it. “How can it be because of him?” she added.

“But you never behaved like this when you expect a visitor”

“Habah Mama!” they smiled. “How am I behaving?”

“As if you are expecting a suitor”

“Hey! Mama you have started oh!” they laughed. All of sudden, a voice got here from at the back of and Tochi became sharply. She noticed Wisdom taking a look extra good-looking with out his uniform. He wore a jean trouser and purple polo with a fitted purple and black fingers on his ft. Her middle started to overcome once more and the vegetable fell from her hand.

“Good evening, ma’am” Wisdom greeted Mrs Desmond.

“Evening my son. Are you the Wisdom my daughter has been anticipating restlessly?”

“Yes, ma’am” Wisdom stepped down from the steps smiling and Tochi checked out her mom in some way that displays: Mama prevent!

“Now I know why she has been restless because you are more than handsome”

“Mama!!” Tochi exclaimed very loud and touched her.

“Onginidi?! Biko hapum aka!” the mummy spoke in igbo language because of this. “What is it?! Please, leave me alone!”

“Thank you ma’am” Wisdom mentioned.

“Please, call me Mama and leave that Ma’am for now”

“Okay, I’m sorry mama”

“Now you come!”

Tochi become shy and infrequently have a look at Wisdom which he additionally spotted. He regarded on the desk and mentioned, “Tochi, I can see you are ready to study”

“Yes” she spoke back with out taking a look at him, even her mom spotted the that means of her conduct however depended on her daughter.

“Then lets go and start immediately”

“Okay” she spoke back strolling briskly to the desk and started to mud the seat making her buttocks glance horny involuntarily however Wisdom wasn’t over excited by means of it.

“Just seat down” Tochi advised him.

“What about your seat?”

“I will go and bring it” she rushed out feeling so shy to take a look at him. She unexpectedly got here again.

“Mama, sir Edward is here to see you” she advised her mom.

“Okay, I have been expecting him” she went out and Tochi introduced the seat and sat beside Wisdom..



STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 17)”


Season one (1) – Episode seventeen (17)


It remained handiest Tochi and Wisdom on the front of Mr Anuma’s administrative center. Each remained quiet for now and again sooner than Wisdom walked nearer to her and stared into her eyes then Tochi melted in his presence.

“Good afternoon, senior” she greeted and moved in opposition to the wall.

“I told you not to call me that”

“I’m sorry”

Wisdom took two steps ahead once more.

“Please, stop coming closer” Tochi pleaded.

“What is it? Are you afraid of me now?”


Wisdom took some other step, he met her very as regards to the wall and gently took her by means of the hand. Tochi grew to become correctly and stared into his eyes feeling her heartbeat and feelings stirred up.

“Don’t be afraid” Wisdom started with a comfortable voice. “I will help you achieve that which you so desire, okay?” he anticipated to obtain a solution yet Tochi was once totally lust and over excited along with her emotions and his fascinating handsomeness.

“Tochi” Wisdom known as sooner than she realised herself.

“Yes, I heard you” she responded and disengaged her hand from his, respiring closely.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine”

“Today is Friday, I guess I will come to your house during the weekend to have the lesson with you”

“My house?!”

“Yes, any problem?”

“How do you know my house?”

“I don’t know it, I expect you to show me”

“That means we will go together again today”

“Yes, that will be great!” they smiled. However in an instant Wisdom remembered that Esther stated she sought after to head with him that day…


Melody who assume to head house in an instant faculty closes stood again looking ahead to a reaction from Wisdom concerning the present she stored in his locker. She was once in fact in search of him yet didn’t see him.

However Jennifer and Calista had been able to head yet Jennifer sought after to look Wisdom sooner than going. They had been simply popping out from their school room once they met Melody on the door.

“Have you seen Wisdom?” she requested.

“No, we are looking for him too” Calista replied.

“You have never looked for Wisdom before, I hope all is well or are you eying him now?” Jennifer requested Melody.

“Please, do not insult me this afternoon. Anyways, are you people going home?”

“Yes” Calista responded.

“Then Let’s go” they walked concurrently with their luggage on their backs. They seemed matured and neat swinging their buttocks backward and forward thereby making boys to surprise what might be inbetween their legs throughout the visual form in their panties.


In the meantime, Chester and Esther stood at their same old place looking ahead to Wisdom to return again from Mr Anuma’s administrative center. They stood like with the similar frame complexion-but Esther was once somewhat yellowish. Chester glanced at her every now and then and needed to show to Wisdom and seize the guts of the pretty damsel status sooner than him.

“Chester” Esther interrupted his concept. “You have not told me how you went with our plan”

“Yes, that’s true”

“So tell me, what did he say?”

Chester stared at her taking a look speechless.

“Say something nah!” Esther persuaded.

“Wisdom said he likes you” Chester started. “But he’s hiding something from me”

“What’s he hiding?”

“His feelings”

Esther turned into speechless and stared at him with out smiling.

Chester persevered, “He said that he’s following his heartbeat”

“Then who is his heartbeat?”

“I don’t know” Straight away, Esther thoughts went to Tochi…


Tochi noticed how puzzled Wisdom was once taking a look and unexpectedly turned into quiet, then she gently held his hand which made Wisdom stood nonetheless and stared into her eyes.

Simply at that second, Jennifer, Calista and Melody who had been passing noticed them in such place. They made their presence unknown and watched them.

“Are you okay?” Tochi started. “Or don’t you want to go home with me today?”

“No, just that…” he paused.

“Oh, now I remember, Esther is waiting for you because both of you agreed to go home together” she disengaged her hand from his. “Is okay, I will go alone. Maybe I will show you our house next time” she started to stroll away…


Seeing that, Jennifer couldn’t stand it. She sought after to head for a struggle or diabolical show yet Calista averted her.

“Come on, lets go home. Don’t go there, I know what you can do”

“Oh God! I must teach this girl called Tochi a big lesson!” Jennifer swore. Calista dragged her they usually started to head house. Melody remained quiet and was once additionally jealous yet didn’t display it.


“No, come back!” Wisdom ran and grabbed Tochi’s hand. “We all will go together” he stated.

“You mean with Esther?”


Tochi smiled and concept for some time. “Okay, let’s go” she stated.

“But I have to close all the classes first”

“No problem”

Wisdom smiled, he launched her hand, then they started to stroll out concurrently.


Esther and Chester had been nonetheless looking ahead to Wisdom with out pronouncing anything else once more. She couldn’t forestall occupied with Tochi as the lady Wisdom’s center is thrashing for. Her gesture got here to fact when she noticed either one of them strolling concurrently like husband and spouse in opposition to them.

Then she glanced at Chester in some way that explains: Are you pondering what I’m pondering..?


STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 13)”


Season one (1) – Episode 13 (13)


The climate changed into extraordinarily chilly however Tochi didn’t really feel it as a result of she used to be now not best rapid asleep and coated with jacket however used to be additionally sound asleep in Wisdom’s palms.

She jerked wakeful sometimes along with her eyes closed most definitely to chest away flying bugs.

However anytime she tries to try this Wisdom will kill the insect earlier than her.

Once in a while their palms will contact in combination.

He used to be experiencing what he had by no means concept in his existence.

He checked out Tochi and remembered the phrases of Chester: The lady is innocuous and lovely.

He may just be mindful the phrases of Esther too: The lady is just right and amusing to be with.

Wisdom reasoned these kind of ideas however didn’t put any of them in thoughts.

He used to be in reality fighting together with his center.

He may just really feel it beating for the lady sound asleep in his palms.

“What is happening?” he concept.

“I’m I truly falling..

No no no, it may well’t be true” he concluded and checked out Tochi.

The extra he seems to be the extra his center beats.

The rain lasted for greater than forty-five mins.

It utterly stopped, but Tochi used to be nonetheless sound asleep.

“Tochi” Wisdom referred to as and shook her frame gently, then she woke and realised the place she used to be.

“Did I sleep?” “Yes you did, stand up lets go” Tochi stood up, unknowingly to her, the higher button of her blouse used to be opened and her bra used to be clearing noticed via Wisdom.

“Dress properly” Wisdom informed her and bent to select up their baggage, then Tochi buttoned up and smiled gazing him.

He used to be in reality now not best good-looking however type and accountable.

She admired him and needed she might be in the similar stage with him.

“Are you ready?” Wisdom passed her bag to her.

Tochi additionally gave him his jacket however he rejected it.

“Just keep it incase you need it” “Really?” “Yes” “Thanks” “Welcome” “But can I ask you something?” “Go ahead” “Why are you so nice to me now?” Wisdom refused to reply to reasonably he stared at her.

“We should be going now, your mother must be worried” he modified the subject and led the way in which, then Tochi adopted him.


Tochi jerked wakeful in a rush and glanced on the wall clock.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

“7:30am?!” She rushed to the yard with a wrapper tied throughout her chest.

“Mama, why didn’t you wake me up?!” “I sought after you to consume earlier than goin to college.

As you’ll be able to see I’m nonetheless cooking” “I can’t believe this!” she rushed into the toilet considering of the kind of punishment senior Wisdom will give her.

She attempted to determine why she awoke past due, then she remembered the romantic dream she had.

* * * * * * * * *

In the meantime, meeting used to be already on and Wisdom changed into anxious for now not seeing Tochi.

He went to Esther have been she used to be main the hymn and whispered into her ears, “Have you seen Tochi?” Esther shruggled her shoulder.

“She’s not yet in school” she added and persevered her responsibility.

Since then, she couldn’t pay attention anymore.

All her concept used to be why Wisdom of all folks requested after Tochi.

She sought after to conclude that possibly they have got emotions however she gave a vulnerable smile.

“Wisdom can’t fall for that girl” she concluded.

As knowledge walked in opposition to the street the place Tochi think to come back from, he met Chester at the approach.

“Guy, you look restless, what’s the problem?” Chester requested.

“Nothing” he spoke back.

“But you have been walking up and down like a sheep without shepherd”

“Have you seen Tochi this morning?” “Now I know why you are restless!” Chester exclaimed.

“What do you mean?”

“Is obvious” Wisdom smiled and not noted his suspicions.

At that second, he noticed Tochi coming in a rush.

She wore a decent inexperienced skirt with a white lengthy sleeve blouse which she tocked-in correctly.

The sharp of her pant might be noticed in the course of the skirt.

And on her toes have been black sneakers with white quick stockings, then she stood earlier than a prefect who sought after to flog her.

“Hey!” Wisdom exclaimed from a distance.

“Don’t flogg her, let her in” he added to the listening to of Esther and Jennifer.

All changed into wonder even Chester who used to be status proper beside him.

Tochi went to Wisdom and greeted.

“Thank you for not allowing them flogg me” she added.

“What took you so long?” Wisdom requested.

“I woke up late” “Ensure that Mr Anuma don’t pay attention that from you.

He hates undiscipline scholars” “I know” “Then decipline yourself” “I will, I’m sorry once again”

“I hope you enjoyed your night?” Wisdom modified the subject and Chester stared at him speechless.

Even the query reminded Tochi of the dream she had, then she smiled and spoke back, “Yes, I enjoyed it” “Why are you smiling?” “Am I smiling?”

“Yes” “Maybe that’s because my night was good”

“What made your night good? Did you have a lovely dream?” Tochi bent her face down and saved smiling with out responding.

“Come on guy, don’t ask her such question” Chester interfered and informed Tochi to move in.

Some of these whilst the conversion used to be happening, Esther and Jennifer couldn’t get their eyes off them.

Tochi entered into the meeting flooring taking a look like a senior prefect and everyone stared at her.

She used to be turning into amazingly gorgeous daily…



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STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 12)”


Season one (1) – Episode twelve (12)


Wisdom was once nonetheless in his study room when Mr Anuma drove out and noticed Tochi status on my own, then he whined down his glass and altered his eyeglass.

“Desmond!” he known as.

“What are nonetheless doing status like an evacuee.

You’ll see the elements is hundred % egreglous” Tochi smiled as a result of she at all times enjoys his grammars.

“I’m waiting for Wisdom, sir” she answered.

“Okay” As Mr Anuma sought after to whine up the glass, Tochi interrupted him.

“Sir!” she known as smiling, and Wisdom noticed her in the course of the window how she was once so conversant with Mr Anuma.

“Any problem, Desmond” Mr Anuma requested.

“Sir, I want to be like you oh” “Really?” “Sure sir.

I experience your grammar” Mr Anuma smiled.

“For you to be like me, you have to become a Lexicographer” he mentioned.

“Ele ngini?!” Tochi requested in igbo language keeping her ears nearer to Mr Anuma and Wisdom smiled from the window.

“Lexicographer!” Mr Anuma repeated.

“Nna sir, this one is too much” “Just make use of your oxford dictionary my dear, sixth edition and above” Mr Anuma concluded and drove out, then Wisdom got here out.

“Are you ready?” he requested.

“Yes” Tochi answered.

“Let’s go, the weather is bad” They started to stroll briskly against the slim lonely highway.

The extra they stroll, the extra the elements adjustments.

None of them mentioned a phrase however most effective considered how implausible it was once for either one of them to stroll house in combination.

Tochi now and again glanced at him with the nook of her eyes.

And occasionally if their eyes catch in combination they are going to smile.

Simply on the center of the street, rain started to fall and there was once no close by constructions.

“Oh Lala!” Tochi exclaimed.

“Senior is raining oh” she added.

“I know!” “What are we going to do?!” Wisdom raised his head and noticed a tree that serves as a safe haven.

“Let’s go to that tree and stay under it! Run!” Tochi couldn’t run because of her bag and Wisdom amassed it from her, then she stared at him in marvel “Why are you looking at me? Run!” Wisdom shouted once more sooner than she realised herself.

They in spite of everything were given to the tree partly rainy and Wisdom noticed Tochi respiring closely together with her palms on her kneels seeking to regain misplaced power.

“I’m tired” Tochi stood erect.

“Sorry” Wisdom mentioned with out taking a look at her however she stared at him.

“Can I have my bag?” she demanded.

“Sure” Wisdom passed it to her they usually checked out every different immediately into the eyes.

“I never knew you are this good” Tochi broke the silence.

“You have been so mean to me lately” Wisdom smiled, he saved his bag and started to unbotton his blouse.

“Such is school life, though I’m sorry for being so mean to you” he apologized, then Tochi saved quiet.

She dropped her bag too and positioned her palms throughout her shoulder observing into the sky.

Wisdom spotted that she was once struggling with with chilly, then he introduced out a jacket from his bag and lined her shoulder with out her wisdom.

Tochi turned into speechless, she additionally watched him transparent the bottom and informed her to take a seat.

With out hesitation, she steadily sat down and Wisdom sat beside her with only a singlet, then they stared at every different…

* * * * * * * *

Esther wore a jacket and a jean trouser at house.

In her room, she walked against the window and held the steel protector staring on the heavy rain.

She couldn’t forestall fascinated with Wisdom.

“Chester don’t disappoint me” she concept and taken out her task e book.

* * * * * * * *

However, Jennifer was once already doing her task.

She didn’t placed on the rest however only a pant and bra.

One may see the form of her pussy in the course of the white pant.

She all at once saved her pen and raised one in every of her legs up.

“Is time to tell Wisdom my mind since he can’t just notice it” she concept and grabbed her pen again.

* * * * * * * *

Then again, Calista had accomplished her task already.

She wore a bumshort and a pink most sensible.

She couldn’t forestall considering of the best way Chester shouted at her in class, then she turned into heartbroken and blamed Esther for it.

* * * * * * * *

Additionally, Melody walked into her room dressed in a protracted fairy robe with out a bra.

Her nipples had been visibly observed however she didn’t thoughts as a result of she was once the one one at house.

She wasn’t considering of any one however the excellent deed Wisdom rendered to her couldn’t get off her reminiscence.

His good-looking face perceived to her every time she closed her eyes.

* * * * * * * *

In any case, at Chester’s resident, he couldn’t simply forestall fascinated with Esther’s very commentary: Simply make Wisdom remember that I like him, please!

* * * * * * * *

Tochi was once over excited via Wisdom’s muscular frame.

So she turned into shy to have a look at him.

“Why did you pull your cloth?” she requested.

“To allow it dry” Wisdom answered they usually turned into quiet once more.

“Thank you very much for your kindness, senior” Tochi broke the silence.

“You’re welcome.

However you’ll forestall calling me that”

“Calling you what?” “Senior” “But you are my senior”

“Under a tree?” they smiled.

Tochi struggled to relaxation her again at the tree very easily.

When Wisdom spotted it, he positioned his hand throughout her shoulder and mentioned, “Rest in my arms”

“Really?” “Yes” Tochi smiled and slept off in his fingers..



STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 11)”


Season one (1) – Episode 11 (11) – Foes changing into buddies


Esther is an overly emotional lady however bodily robust that even Jennifer can not care for her beating if they’re to check their bodily skills.

However at this second, Chester was once handiest seeing the sentiments in her eyes that made his middle sank into his abdomen.

From the best way she regarded, he idea, if handiest he may just do magic or abracadabra for Wisdom to fall inlove with Esther, he would have accomplished it in an instant however he couldn’t, and the entire thing rendered him speechless.

“Won’t you say anything?” Esther broke the silence.

“Do you really want me to tell Wisdom that you love him?” Chester sought after to be clarified.

“No, I want you to use your influence as his best friend and make him understand that I love him indirectly”

“Oh, now I perceive.

Don’t concern, I can do this” “Thank you” she smiled.

* * * * * * * *

Wisdom met Tochi at Mr Anuma’s workplace along with her personal checklist too.

However she was once status on the door.

“Good afternoon, senior” Tochi prostrated.

“Why are you standing outside?” “Mr Anuma isn’t in” “Where is he?” “In principal’s office” Wisdom regarded round.

He knew he couldn’t simply stay the checklist on his desk, so he checked out Tochi and stretched the checklist to her.

“Grasp it, I can be coming again.

My buddies are looking forward to me” Tochi gently accrued the paper and he rushed out.

However he stopped and became when he heard Tochi murmured.

“What did you say?” he requested.

“I didn’t say anything senior” “But you soliloquized” “Hi there! Senior when did you develop into Mr Anuma once more.

I don’t know the that means of solilo…” she forgot the entire pronunciation.

“I demand to know what you said now!” Wisdom reduce out a flower as a cane and started to tie the branches in combination.

Seeing that Tochi confessed.

“Senior, I said you want to go and meet your friends, that means me, standing here is your enemy” Wisdom stared at her, the extra he regarded the extra her attractiveness enters into his eyes, thoughts and frame.

He threw away the cane and mentioned, “Kneel down”

“What?!” “I said kneel down!” Tochi steadily went on her kneels and raised up her fingers, then Wisdom left.

* * * * * * * *

Simply as Wisdom was once strolling again to Esther and Chester, Jennifer and Calista met him.

Esther may just see then from afar.

“I want to wait for you to close the classrooms today” Jennifer instructed Wisdom along with her fingers on his shoulder.

“Why?” he requested.

“So that I will be able to let the cat out of the bag” “Really?” “Yes” “Is unlucky that I’ve different issues to do after ultimate the lecture rooms.

We will communicate the following day” he disengaged her fingers from his shoulder.

“Okay, see you tomorrow then” They departed.

* * * * * * * *

Esther exhaled deeply when Wisdom in spite of everything got here leaving the aggravating Jennifer as she idea.

She smiled at him once more.

“You always smile for no reason and I like that” Wisdom instructed her.

“I don’t know how to control it and thank God you like it” they giggled.

“Mr Anuma isn’t in his office, so I think you can go instead of waiting for me”

“No, Esther will go while I wait for you today” Chester mentioned and gave Esther an eye fixed touch which presentations that he sought after to carryout their plans.

“Yes, is true” Esther supported.

“Bye!” she added and left.

* * * * * * * *

Most effective few scholars remained and it was once handiest closing a lecture room to be closed by means of Wisdom, then he mentioned, “Guy, the girl isn’t bad oh”

“Who?” “Tochi” “I told you! So you are now admiring her”

“No, bro” “That’s good, you should go for d person that loves you” “Like who?” Wisdom checked out him.

“Like Esther, I think she loves you” Wisdom remained quiet having a look at him.

“Esther is rather excellent however I don’t have any emotions for her.

How did you even know she loves me?”

“Because she always talks about you every minutes” “Don’t worry, guy, we are just friends”

“Think about it oh, guy” Chester shook fingers with him and left.

* * * * * * * *

Mr Anuma arrived at his workplace and noticed Tochi kneeling down.

“Desmond” he referred to as.

“Why are you on your kneels?” “Senior Wisdom told me to do so”

“Why?” Earlier than Tochi replied, Wisdom gave the impression, then Mr Anuma became to him.

“Caleb” he referred to as.

“What can warrant a juvenile like you who should juxtapose with elegant students like Tochi to put her in such nefarious condition?”

Tochi started to grin when the grammar scattered her head.

Even Wisdom additionally smiled, so he had no possibility however to provide an explanation for what took place.

“Sir, she soliloquized after I gave her an instruction” “She did?”

“Yes, sir” “You will have pardoned her.

Every now and then your punishment must be justifiable”

“Okay, sir” Wisdom replied smiling even supposing he didn’t know the that means of justifiable.

“You can stand up, Tochi” he added, then accrued the checklist from her and passed it to Mr Anuma.

* * * * * * * *

Most effective Tochi and Wisdom remained within the college.

As they left the workplace quietly, Wisdom requested, “Which road are you taking?” “That road” Tochi pointed at it.

“Then we will be able to move in combination.

That’s the similar street I need to practice”

“You mean two of us?” “Yes, any problem?”

“No oh, no problem” They stared at every different.

“Wait let me get my bag” Wisdom mentioned and left..



STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 9)”


Season one (1) – Episode 9 (nine)



Tochi was speechless when she heard the sudden from Esther.

“Which of the Wisdom are you talking about?” she requested.

“The senior prefect” “Hmm, I don’t know what to say”

“I just wish he notice my love for him”

“Do you want me to help you?”

“You, help me get Wisdom?” Esther laughed.

“I can do that oh”

“Don’t worry my dear” “But I want to tell you something”

“What’s it?” “Someone once told me that the boy you love must love you back otherwise the relationship won’t work”

Esther idea for some time and stated, “With time, he will realise my love for him and love me back” “Okay oh” Tochi smiled.

* * * * * * *

Chester was once all the time noticed with Wisdom both patrolling or sitting at some degree looking at scholars and on the identical time having dialog.

They sat on a fallen electrical pole with out cord.

“Guy” Wisdom started.

“If you see the embarrassment and disgrace I received from Tochi and Mr Anuma this morning you won’t believe it” “What happened?” Chester listened.

“Are you able to imaging Tochi used a grammar on me most certainly taught by means of Mr Anuma after I sought after to punish her.

” Prior to he may end Chester started to snigger.

“Guy, why you dey laugh nah?” Wisdom diminished his voice for the pigin English.

“I told you that girl will supersed you in this school” “By no means! She will be able to’t take a look at this sort of factor.

The most disturbing a part of it’s that Mr Anuma launched her after I sought after to punish her”

“Man, prevent making enemity with this woman.

She’s innocuous and wonderful for that subject” “And so what?” “Just make her your friend” Wisdom gared at him and hissed.

At that second, Jennifer, Calista and Melody arrived on the identical position.

Tochi and Esther noticed them and stared at them from a distance.

“Hi, my love” Jennifer started.

She sat beside Wisdom whilst Calista sat beside Chester.

Wisdom left out her greetings and checked out Melody who stood on my own.

“How are you Melody?” he requested.

“I’m fine, thank you” she responded smiling.

That’s what she had by no means performed sooner than.

“You look happy today” “I have always been happy” “What is going on here?” Jennifer interfered.

“I should be the one given attention here not Melody” she hissed.

“Hmm, Jennifer easy oh” Melody exclaimed.

“I’m not taking your prince charming away” “You better not!” “And who is her prince charming?” Wisdom requested.

“What does that suppose to mean?” Jennifer frowned they usually smiled…

* * * * * * *

Esther was once completely jealous and Tochi may see it in her eyes.

“I hate her so much!” Esther stated.

“Who?” “That girl Jennifer”

“Me too, I don’t like her.

She was once the person who supported Wisdom to punish me”

“Is okay” “Desmond!” Mr Anuma known as from his administrative center.

Then Tochi grew to become.

“Sir, you called me?” “Yes, call Wisdom for me and come with him” Listening to that, Tochi and Esther checked out every different.

“Go and call him” Esther instructed her and smiled.

After Tochi left, Linda changed her and sat with Esther.

“Good afternoon, senior” she greeted.

“Welcome” Esther answered nonetheless having a look at Tochi who was once going to fulfill Wisdom within the presence of his buddies.

“Where is she going to?” Linda requested.

“Mr Anuma sent her to call Wisdom”

“Eh! Wahala!” she exclaimed and in addition watched to look what’s going to occur.

* Jennifer frowned her face instantly she noticed Tochi status sooner than them.

“Good day seniors” Tochi greeted and threw away her face.

“Eheh? What is it?!” Jennifer interrogated angrily.

“I’m on the lookout for Wisdom.

sorry, senior Wisdom” They all stared at every different.

Handiest Chester was once smiling.

“Mr Anuma sent me to call him” Tochi added.

“Have a look at Wisdom to your presence.

Communicate to him” Chester interfered nonetheless smiling.

“Just go I’m coming” Wisdom responded with a low voice.

“No oh, he said you should come with me”

“As what? Husband and wife?!” Jennifer requested angrily.

“Come on get out of here!” she shouted however Tochi stood nonetheless looking forward to Wisdom to observe her.

Wisdom gently stood up and adopted her.

They walked concurrently in opposition to the administrative center.

“Wonders shall never end!” Jennifer was once nonetheless exclaiming clapping her fingers.

* * * * * * * *

Esther waved at Tochi and Wisdom once they handed and Linda greeted them.

“I can’t believe my eyes!” she stated unusually.

“Is nothing, I like it” Esther responded.

* * * * * * * *

At Mr Anuma’s administrative center, Tochi and Wisdom entered with out having a look at every different’s face or trade phrases.

They stood sooner than Mr Anuma.

“Caleb Wisdom” Mr Anuma started.

“I name you in regards to the quiz between your elegance and SS2.

I need you to get the record of the individuals to me sooner than college dismisses lately” “Okay, sir” Wisdom responded.

“And you Desmond, do the same thing and give the list to Wisdom or you bring it to me yourself after school”

“Okay, Sir” As Tochi raised her head, her eyes stuck with that of Wisdom…


STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 6)”


Season one (1) – Episode six (6)

Talk over with our story category in the event you overlooked our remaining week updates at the tale The sudden love

Chester didn’t wish to keep in the back of simply as Esther agreed to watch for Wisdom.

So he shook palms with Wisdom and departed.

After all he had a driving force who assume to have taken him house however he all the time insisted on dwelling like different scholars.

Scholars weren’t a lot in class.

All had long gone house aside from the seniors who hung round with their dates however none was once on the sight of Mr Anuma to steer clear of embarrassment particularly when it comes with a thoughts blowing grammar.

Jennifer and her two pals have been nonetheless round.

They have been inside of the school room arranging their books whilst Esther and Wisdom have been observed on the junior phase.

They walked like teenage with their luggage striking on their backs.

Wisdom moved to fasten the JSS1 door and Esther referred to as him again.

“Let me help you with your bag” she stated.

With out hesitating Wisdom passed the bag to her.

Within the procedure, his arm mistakenly touched her comfortable breast and Esther smiled.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Nothing?” Esther was once all the time like that.

She glows with smiles at any little factor not like Jennifer and that made her extra stunning.

Wisdom locked the doorways and so they started to stroll against the senior phase.

“I don’t like what you did to that girl” she started.

“Which girl?” “Tochi”

“Who cares?” “I do! It isn’t good” They changed into quiet.

“It’s so fun to be with her” Esther damaged the silence however Wisdom stored quiet.

“And she is also a good girl” she added.

Abruptly, Jennifer got here out along with her pals.

When she noticed Wisdom with Esther, she ran and gave him a peck whilst Melody hissed and persisted strolling.

“Hi my love” she stated and gared at Esther.

“Why is Melody behaving like that?” Wisdom requested.

“Don’t thoughts her.

Are you going house?”

“Not yet” “Alright, bye, see you tomorrow” she gave him every other peck and walked away making Esther to be jealous.

In the meantime, Esther had already left where into one of the crucial study rooms.

“Hey, Melody wait for us!” Calista shouted.

“Don’t mind her!” Jennifer added.

Wisdom walked into the school room and located Esther looking at on the wall along with her palms folded.

He may sense that she wasn’t satisfied.

“But why?” he idea and touched her.

“Are you okay?” he requested however Esther didn’t say a phrase and walked against the window.

“Your temper has modified.

Have I indignant you?”

“No, don’t worry, I’m okay” she grew to become and gave him a vulnerable smile.

“You look more beautiful when you smile” “Thanks, but can I ask you something?” “Go ahead” “Are you..

I imply do you..are courting Jennifer?” Then Wisdom understood why her temper modified.

He smiled.

“No, I’m not” he spoke back.

“Then what was that behavior for?!” “She’s always like that”

“Gush! That girl is so annoying!” she walked against the door.

“Please, let’s go” she added.

Wisdom locked the rest study rooms and so they left.

Prior to they departed, Esther passed his bag to him and stared into his eyes silently which Wisdom spotted.

“When last did you kiss?” she broke the silence.

“Kiss? I have never had one b4”

“Me too” “That means we have something in common” “Yes” They smiled nonetheless observing every different.

“Bye” Wisdom broke the silence.

“Okay, bye” she smiled and gently walked away.

* * * * * *

Tochi stored her luggage and rushed within the kitchen and located her mom making lunch.

“Nne, ehihi oma” she greeted in igbo language.

“Tochukwu” “Yes, mama” “How was school today?” “Hmm, Mama..” she sat on a stool and altered her skirt downward.

“Mama you gained’t imagine what came about these days.

One silly boy just about bare me!”

“Hey! For what?!” “Only because I refused to answer his question”

“He must be stupid! I must report to the principal!”

“Don’t worry, Mama, the principal settled it and moreover the boy apologized”


“Yes, he said it wasn’t intentional”


Tochi stored quiet with out telling the opposite a part of what she handed via within the palms of the similar boy as a result of she knew that she was once at fault for no longer greeting her senior and her mom wouldn’t have taken her aspect.

“Mama” she referred to as.

“I need a uniform oh?” “Yes, That reminds me, the tailor said you should come and collect it when you are back”


“Yes” Prior to Mrs Desmond may end, Tochi ran out with a top pace!

* * * * *

Wisdom’s oldsters weren’t wealthy however they have been contented with what that they had similar to Tochi and her mom.

He dropped his college bag and laid at the mattress to mirror on what came about in class.

“What is Jennifer up to?” he idea.

“She behaves strange, why?” he remembered Tochi and hissed.

“She’s so annoying!” he soliloquized and considered Melody’s persona.

“What’s her own problem? I will never understand girls” he stood up and went out.

He wore a white singlet and a boxer.

His dick might be observed dangling backward and forward in it.

Mrs Caleb, his mom was once simply getting back from the marketplace with a basket of foodstuffs in her hand.

“Good afternoon, Mummy” Wisdom greeted taking a look hungry.

“Don’t tell me you’ve not cooked” “There’s meals within the kitchen my son.

The place is your father?” “He’s not at home” he walked into the kitchen..