Photo : US Visa Payment Slips cloners arrested (Woman and Two Others)

A businesswoman used to be arrested by means of the Particular Fraud Unit (SFU), Ikoyi, Lagos…in accordance, to the record accumulated by means of our group, the businesswoman used to be named Modupeola Afolabi.

She used to be arrested for allegedly shopping pretend visas for the UK (UK) and China and a person referred to as Afolabi, 34, additionally procured pretend London Heathrow Airport access/go out stamps.

She used to be paraded by means of SFU spokesman, Lawal Audu, an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), with Sesan Awolola, 31, and Adebayo Ajase, 28.

The lads had been described as experts in cloning visa fee slips and receipts.

Afolabi, who claimed to be a college graduate, informed journalists that she resorted to shopping the pretend visas after she used to be denied United States of The united states (USA) visa two times.

She proceed and additionally stated when she contacted a visa agent, he informed her that the US Embassy in Nigeria rejected her visa software as a result of she had a virgin passport.

Quoting her “The agent, Olawale, informed me there used to be one thing he would do in order that when my paperwork are despatched once more, the US officers will grant my visa request. He informed me that the US Embassy does not test the authenticity of visas from different international locations and so, I agreed to do it.

“I paid him N70,000 for the pretend visas and stamps. I badly had to go back and forth to The united states to shop for garments on the market. I in most cases store on-line and I felt if I began travelling to The united states to shop for, it will be less expensive for me.

“I have a registered business and I think I have enough money in my account but they rejected me twice. They found out when they were asking me questions during an interview that I have not been to the UK and that was how I was arrested.”

In line with Audu, the SFU gained a petition from the US Embassy ultimate 12 months lamenting the amount of cash it used to be dropping to fraudsters, who use Corel Draw software and Microsoft Phrase to clone previous receipts and provide similar to be used by means of different visa candidates.

Following the petition, Audu stated the SFU started an investigation which ended in the arrest and arraignment of 3 suspects, together with one Ismaila Adefile prior to a Lagos Magistrates’ Courtroom, Igbosere.

On the other hand, different participants of the syndicate, Audu stated, persisted to forge receipts which they used to guide visa appointments for his or her purchasers.

In line with him, Awolola and Ajasa had been arrested on Wednesday and Thursday after a visa applicant who used one in every of their pretend receipts used to be detected on the embassy

Banky W: The Wedding Party 2 wraps in Dubai (Adesua)

The well-known Nollywood’s highest-grossing film ( Wedding birthday celebration) fanatics are one step nearer to taking part in the sequel of the film…..that’s the Section 2

Lagos, Nigeria – After a few weeks of capturing in the ‘Jewel of the Middle East’, The Wedding Party 2 is now in post-production, with many weeks forward of enhancing photos, sound and particular results, prior to the movie may also be screened at its first competition.

The forged and group labored amidst jaw-dropping surroundings and impressive venues, due to Dubai Tourism and a number of native companions. Via all accounts the film can be a visible deal with.

The director, Niyi Akinmolayan, loved capturing in Dubai and is enthusiastic about the following level. “It’s been a outstanding alternative to movie in Dubai – it used to be magical and the group used to be superior.

We’re extremely joyful to create one thing particular for audience and we’re certain that they are going to be inspired with the film,” he stated.

Mo Abudu, Govt Manufacturer for EbonyLife Movies, used to be additionally thrilled about being in Dubai. “We had a in reality difficult time table, however we’re satisfied to be shifting to the following section.

We’re in reality thankful for the improve we won from Dubai Tourism and everybody else in the vacation spot who labored so exhausting to make it conceivable and we additionally collaborated with some outstanding companions who handled us warmly and have been extraordinarily skilled,” she stated.

After lengthy days at the set, each forged and group have been in a position to unwind at attention-grabbing points of interest, akin to IMG Worlds of Journey, Dubai Mall and desert-based eating place Qasr Al Sultan, prior to retiring to luxurious lodging at Atlantis The Palm, Palazzo Versace, Armani and Ghaya Grand lodges. A few of these places are featured in the film however moviegoers should wait to peer which of them make the lower.

For fanatics eagerly expecting The Wedding Party 2: Vacation spot Dubai, this devoted group effort is a reminder of what they are able to be expecting – a hilarious, high quality movie that concurrently entertains and raises the usual of filmmaking in Nollywood.

We additionally learnt that “the film will have its Lagos premiere on December 10 , with cinema release in time for the Christmas holidays”.

In line with what we accrued the film Party 2 is a manufacturing of The ELFIKE Collective (Vacation spot, Dubai), this is EbonyLife Movies, FilmOne Distribution, Inkblot Productions and Koga Studios and is supported by way of Dubai Tourism, Wontra Trip, Excursion Agents World, Guinness Nigeria, and Atlantis The Palm, Palazzo Versace, Armani and Ghaya Grand lodges.

You’ll be able to talk over with their website for more info.

Man’s behead and hand chopped off over land dispute in Delta State

Consistent with the file we collected a person was once killed in Delta State which was once because of a land dispute which escalated.

For years now, the Amai and Umuebu communities in Ndokwa West, Delta state, were at loggerheads over a land. This dispute has now culminated in the loss of life of a person in essentially the most ugly manner.

According to a put up shared via Austyne Emu, who’s resident in Delta State, the corpse noticed with no head and fingers is among the sufferers of the land dispute – a dispute which over the years has resulted in the loss of life of many of us.

We learnt that the deceased, was once from Amai, and he was once getting back from his farm ahead of he was once allegedly attacked via armed youths across the Umuebu neighborhood.

STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 30)”


Season one (1) – Episode thirty (30)


Tochi’s legs began to vibrate gradually and her sympathetic nervous system activated than before making her heartbeat increase like she was about to orgasm through sex.

Her lips shook gradually and eyes fist on Wisdom’s handsome face.

She couldn’t think of anything or anybody but Linda’s statement: “Better reject him if he propose unless you want to die.

I know what Jennifer and her mother can do just to get what they want”

She also remembered Jennifer’s recent statement: “You don’t know how extreme i can go just to win Wisdom’s heart, so better stay away from him”

Her mind diverted to Esther, “God, what will she say or do?” she thought.

As she reasoned all these things, Wisdom saw tears dropping from her eyes.

“Why do you shed tears my love?” he began to clean it.

“Please, say yes to me and i promise to be with you forever”

“Wisdom?” Tochi called.

“I must be lying if i say i don’t love you.

My heart beats when i just think of you, i feel the same way you feel but what about Jennifer and Esther?”

“You alone i have choosen and nobody else”

“I’m scared!”

“Nothing will happen to you!”

“I’m sorry Wisdom, i can’t do this.

I can’t face these people especially Jennifer and feel like a betrayer or boyfriend snatcher to Esther” she wanted to walk out but Wisdom held her back.

“Please, don’t leave without saying yes to me”

“I’m sorry Wisdom, i have nobody to fight for me”

“I will fight for you! I will always be there for you? Please, don’t break my heart”

“I’m sorry” she disengaged his hands and ran out.

“Tochi! Tochi!!” Wisdom called bitterly stretching his hand forward.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a disastrous day for the two lovers.

In all his life, Wisdom had never been rejected by a girl or feel heartbroken for once but here he was battling with the feelings.

He sluggishly opened his room, sling his school bag and laid on the bed.

“Akunauche” Mr Caleb, his father called and opened his room.

He actually calls him in igbo language than English.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Daddy!” he replied with his face on the bed.

The father noticed that something was bothering him but didn’t want to dig into it.

“Tell your mother i have gone out when she comes back” he said and closed the door without Wisdom responding.

On the other hand, Tochi also went straight to the backyard where her mother was.

She stood at the door with heavy eyes and greeted.

“Tochukwu” the mother called.

“Why are your eyes red and swollen up?” she asked.

“Are they?”

“Yes!” the mother stood up to get closer but Tochi interrupted her.

“Mama is nothing, an insect flew into my eyes”

“The two eyes?”

“Yes, mama” she turned immediately and went into her room.

“Lekwanum aya oh!” the mother exclaimed and went back to her seat.

“I rebuke that kind of insect in Jesus name oh” she added.

* * * * * * * * *

Jennifer went home just to met her mother with a handsome young man who was actually demanding for a love charm, then she stood at the window and taking a glance of what was going on in the main room.

“You only have to use these leaves” Mrs Mbakwe, her mother began and handed some leaves to the young man.

“Make sure you squeez one of them first thing tomorrow morning after calling her name three times, use the same hand and robbed the girl’s face, she will automatically become yours”

“I hope it works only on her”

“Yes, that’s why you must call her name before doing it” the young man smiled, he collected the leave, paid some money and went out just to see Jennifer at the window.

“Hey girl?” the man said.

“Good afternoon” Jennifer greeted and walked in shaking her buttocks which the young man glanced and smiled biting his lips.

Jennifer greeted her mother and watched her keep the remaining part of the leaves.

“I have actually seen what i wanted” she thought and couldn’t wait for the next day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Melody was really worried as a young 19 year old teenager who wasn’t given attention by boys.

As usual, she was the only one at home meditating in her room with a Biology textbook before her.

She wore a white top with only a pant sitting on a long stool.

One could see her fresh thighs and belly looking very attractive.

“I guess Chester is secretly in love with Esther” she thought and concentrated.

* * * * * * * * * *

On the other hand, at Esther’s resident, the house was a bungalow but fashionly designed without a fence.

Mr Godwin, her father’s car was parked outside but wasn’t at home.

Esther was in her room with a physics textbook.

She was actually trying so hard to get over everything that happened but couldn’t.

She wore a jean trouser and a bra, but when she heard a knock on the door she put on a T-shirt.

Meanwhile, her mother had gone to open the door.

She opened it and saw a young boy looking classic and handsome standing at the door.

“Good evening, ma’am” Chester greeted.

“Evening, who are you?” Mrs Godwin asked.

At that moment Esther came out and her eyes caught with that of Chester.

Then her heart skipped.

“I’m Silva Chester” Chester introduced himself…

WATCH OUT FOR EPISODE THIRTY-ONE (31) NEXT WEEK ((either on Tuesday or Friday))

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Am so sorry for the inconveniency…….

STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 29)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-nine (29)


Still on break period, Esther had refused to move an inch from her seat looking disappointed.

She was actually spacing out through the window with a red handkerchief on her shoulder.

On her wrist was also a red digital watch.

If it was in her capacity, she would have done something diabolical just to win Wisdom’s heart.

As she stared through the Window, she saw Chester with Wisdom discussing at the assembly ground.

“Guy, i want to tell you something” Chester began.

“It isn’t good to treat Esther like that.

Since you can’t feel the way she feels, still show her that you care”

“I understand, bro, i will do that but i need to free my conscience today”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to tell Tochi how i really feel”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, bro”

“Hmm, well good luck with that” he bent down his head looking a bit sad.

Wisdom noticed it and underly glanced at his face.

“What is it, bro?” he asked.

“It’s just crazy to know that the one you love doesn’t love you” “I still don’t understand.

Are you in love? Habah!” he smiled.

“You of all people? I thought you never wanted to do anything with girls”

“Forget, bro”

“No, tell me, who’s this girl that has taken your heart?

” Wisdom asked and immediately Chester looked towards the window where Esther was staring followed by Wisdom.

As Esther notice them looking at her, she locked the window.

So Wisdom didn’t need another clarification to know that Chester was inlove with Esther, then he stared at him speechless.

Just then, the bell rang.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Wisdom resumed his duties While Chester gently walked inside the classroom with a hand inside his pocket.

His singlet was visibly seen through the white shirt and his black belt matched with his black shoes.

On his neck was a golden necklace and on his wrist was a chain golden watch.

He walked straight to Esther’s seat where she was resting her head and gently touched her.

“Good afternoon” Esther raised her head.

“You look so depressed and you have not been outside throughout today.

What is it?”

“Nothing” she gave a weak smile and stretched herself.

“How are you today?” she asked.

“I’m not good”


“Because you aren’t good too”

“Come on, I’m okay” Esther smiled again staring at him which also made Chester to smile.

Seeing that, some group of female student at the back of the classroom shouted, “Chester easy oh! You are charming our girl!”

Everybody’s attention went to Esther and Chester who began to smile seriously without knowing how to defend the funny accusation.

“Though, you have to see me first before asking her hand in marriage” one of the girls said and Melody gave a weak smile feeling a bit jealous.

“You better shot that your mouth there oh!” Esther rebuked the girl with smiles on her face.

“We have freedom of speech” Chester spoke out.

“At least Buhari has not deprived us from that.

So speak!” he added and Esther gared at him smiling.

“Chei!” the girl exclaimed.

“For this thing wey you talk now, you are free to take Esther home immediately, i have given her to you free of charge!” everybody began to laughed.

Chester looked at Esther romantically and went to his seat, yet Melody couldn’t stop being jealous.

* * * * * * * * *


Tochi had refused to tell Linda her plans to meet Wisdom because she would have disagreed on it, so she remained inside the classroom until all the students left.

She looked through the open door and saw Jennifer and Calista walking home, then her heart skipped.

Unfortunately to her, they saw her and came inside the class.

“Good afternoon seniors” she greeted and carried her bag to go.

“Seat down, we need to talk” Jennifer prevented her.

“Listen, you don’t know how extreme i can go just to have Wisdom.

So I’m kindly advising you to stay away from him or you will regret it.

Have i made myself clear?” Tochi nodded her head positively and they went out.

On the other hand, Esther walked out of the classroom ready to go and Wisdom met her.

She knew he wanted to talk to her but neglected him and walked home.

“What?” Chester came around.

“She doesn’t want to talk to me” Wisdom replied.

“Let her be for now” “Alright, bro” they shook hands and departed.

All had gone home leaving Tochi who sat patiently alone in the classroom waiting for Wisdom.

She saw him walking through the door and her heart began to beat faster, then she exhaled deeply and walked towards the window to spit out.

(She was really nervous).

Before she turned, she saw Wisdom standing close to her.

“Good afternoon…” her voice broke and couldn’t look at his face.

“Tochukwu” Wisdom called and positioned her face in a way he stared into her lovely eyes.

“Yes? What is it that you want to tell me?”

“I want to tell you who my heart beat for, who i can’t stop thinking of, the woman that has taken my heart, the woman i wish she feels the way i feel, the woman i love so much”

“And who is she?” Tochi asked staring at his attractive lips and feeling her heartbeat.

“Is you Tochi” Wisdom replied…


STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 28)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-eight (28)


Mr Anuma put one of his hands inside his pocket and gared at Wisdom who stopped before him.

All the students’ attention went to them.

They knew that Mr Anuma was angry and they expected nothing from his mouth but grammar.

So they listen very attentively.

“Good morning sir” Wisdom greeted looking handsome.

“Caleb” Mr Anuma began and adjusted his eyeglass with the other hand.

“I am so aback at your resent pestilential attitude.

Why have you decided to change from being an arboretum to a scallywag?!”

Wisdom bent down his head in shame.

Some students like tochi pitied him while some giggled at Mr Anuma’s grammar.

Wisdom raised his head up boldly and said, “I’m sorry sir”

“No, apology not accepted.

I demand to know the cause of this late coming that you have deliberately succumbed to!”

“I woke up late, sir” “Did you hear that?” Mr Anuma turned to nobody.

“He woke up late! A senior prefect is telling me that he woke up late!”

“I’m sorry sir, it will never happen again”

“Thank God I’m in a good mood today.

Go and resumed your duties immediately!”

“Thank you sir” Wisdom walked out smiling which gave Tochi a bit hope, so she smiled too.

Esther also turned and concentrated when Wisdom was released.

The assembly went on normally without the presence of Wisdom.

Esther occasionally glanced at Tochi.

“Why has Wisdom decided to choose her instead of me?” she thought and hated her the most.

* * * * * * * * * *

Just after assembly was over, Chester sat alone on his locker without saying anything.

He brought out his phone secretly and began to operate it bending his head downward on the locker.

But he quickly hid it when a hand touched him, then he raised his head up just to see Melody smiling at him.

“Why are you startled?” Melody asked.

“Because i was actually going against the school rules” he replied, then Melody looked under the locker and saw his phone in his hand.

“Oh now i know!” she exclaimed.

“I wonder what Mr Anuma would have said about this” she gazed at the ceiling with a finger on her lips.

“He would have said..” Chester began, “..children of this modern generation cannot comprehend on their own again without the help of so called technology”

“Yes!” Melody shouted and they laughed which attracted Esther’s attention.

Then she looked at them but didn’t care.

As they kept on laughing and joking, she became jealous, yet didn’t want to make herself known.

Suddenly, a female teacher entered and all the class became quiet.

* * * * * * * *

Jennifer walked to Wisdom’s locker humbly.

Her face sparkled with beauty and her breast pointed outward looking sexy.

“I’m sorry” she said.

“For what?” Wisdom asked.

“For slapping Tochi”

“I thought we have settled that already”

“No, you are still not close to me”

“How close do you expect?”

“Very close.

I don’t know why you don’t want to notice my love for you”

“Please, stop, be yourself!” “Is Tochi more beautiful that me?” Wisdom kept quiet.

After few minutes of no response, Jennifer went back to her seat and Calista came around.

“What did he say?” she asked.

“He said nothing” “Hmm..

That Tochi has taken his heart”

“I will make Wisdom love me” Jennifer said staring at the wall.

“How?” Calista wanted to know.

“Watch and see!” she concluded.

* * * * * * * *


Wisdom was lost in thought thinking how to revile to Tochi how he feels.

“I know she will reject me probably because of my past actions towards her or because of Esther and Jennifer” he thought.

Meanwhile,Tochi was also in her classroom reading her book.

But she stopped and stared at the wall.

She was really missing Wisdom and wanted to hear his voice.

She suddenly faced her book again but a voice interrupted her, then she quickly looked up.

Lo and behold, Wisdom stood before her.

Her heart skipped, returned and began to beat faster.

“Wisdom?” she called with a low voice allowing the book to fall from her thighs.

“Good day” Wisdom greeted.

“Sorry for my manners, Good day” Tochi forwarded the greetings.

“I’m sorry for..” “Is okay” she interrupted him.

“I understand.

I waited for you though but didn’t see you”

“I’m really sorry”

“I said is okay” she picked up the book and concentrated on it.

“Can i talk to you after school?” Wisdom asked, then Tochi raised up her head.

“You mean both of us?” she asked.

“Yes” “I hope no problem..

By the way did you tell Esther what i told you?”

“Yes, i only told her we aren’t dating” Tochi stared at him expecting other part of her request but Wisdom kept quiet.

“And?” she broke the silence.

“And nothing” Wisdom replied.

“Please, will you see me after school?” he added.

“Okay, if you say so”

“Thanks” he walked out gently and Tochi didn’t need a prophect to tell her that he was going to propose to her.


STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 27)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-seven (27)


In sluggish movement, Wisdom walked out.

He grabbed his bag to the very sight of Chester and went house making him imagine that issues didn’t figure out neatly.

Chester went into the study room and Esther embraced him in tears.

His blouse used to be rainy with the tears however he didn’t thoughts, somewhat he reciprocated.

“Is okay, all shall be well” he mentioned.

After couple of minutes of dropping tears in his fingers, Esther dried her tears and sought after to select her bag however Chester did that sooner than her and taken out his telephone.

“Hello, can you meet me at school as soon as possible?” he mentioned via d telephone, then Esther puzzled who he referred to as.

She sought after 2 ask however didn’t have the power.

Simply sooner than they walked quietly against d primary street, a black automotive stopped of their presence.

The motive force got here out and opened the again door.

“Enter” Chester advised Esther who began at him.

“Who’s car is this?” she requested with a low voice.

“Is my dad’s automotive and that is the driving force.

I referred to as him to return and take us house as an alternative of trecking” Esther remained speechless questioning why Chester had a motive force however didn’t all the time come to university with him.

She glanced into the automobile and Chester once more, then in the end entered adopted by means of Chester then the driving force drove off.

Throughout the automotive, Chester glanced at her from time to time however she didn’t care to have a look at him.

She used to be in reality staring throughout the glass till they were given to a couple of meters sooner than her space.

“I will like to stop here” she mentioned, then Chester advised the driving force to tug over.

Esther checked out him for the primary time and mentioned, “Thank you very much” “See you tomorrow” Chester spoke back.

She stepped down and Chester watched her went house unfortunately.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Tochi additionally went house unfortunately questioning the type of factor she has put herself into.

“It is my fault?” she started to suppose.

“How can’t i forestall this emotions and keep in peace?

The extra i check out the extra i fall inlove with him..” “Tochi!” the mummy interrupted her sooner than she realised herself.

“Good afternoon, mama”

“What is it? You were totally lust in thought” “Nothing, mama, is just a small headache” she walked into her room.

Few hours later, she used to be already lacking Wisdom and sought after to make certain if he in point of fact authorised Esther.

Her middle started to overcome when she considered that.

She set out her desk with books as same old looking ahead to Wisdom to turn up simply to peer him and get the guidelines from him however the time used to be already five:30pm Wisdom used to be nowhere to be discovered.

She glanced on the door from time to time hopping to peer him status there with a grin and having a look good-looking however all used to be an phantasm.

Her mom may see her now not concentrating at the ebook sooner than her.

“Tochukwu, you’ll cross and leisure.

Your trainer gained’t come as of late” she mentioned.

“Mama, he will come” Tochi hopped.

“By this time?”

“Yes, he will..” her voice started to wreck and eyes rainy with tears.

She briefly bent down for her mom to not realize it.

Little while later, she glanced on the time once more, 6:00pm, then she accrued the books within with a damaged middle.

The climate used to be already getting darkish when she went outdoor and stretched her head nonetheless hoping to peer him however she didn’t.

She concluded that he has authorised Esther, then walked within with tears in her eyes.

She couldn’t sleep all over the night time.

* * * * * * * *

Wisdom used to be additionally disenchanted at Tochi’s phrases to simply accept Esther.

It made him suppose that she didn’t love him or really feel the similar means he felt which used to be the explanation why he refused to head for the lesson feeling heartbroken.


With the heavy middle, Wisdom aroused from sleep and glanced at d clock.

“Jeez! 7:30 already?!” he exclaimed and rushed into d rest room with a toothbrush.

In the meantime, Tochi had long past to university very early as same old hoping to peer Wisdom strolling round together with his palms in his pocket.

However meeting used to be due Wisdom used to be now not but at school.

As scholars rushed to the meeting flooring, Tochi stopped Chester and requested.

“Have you seen Wisdom?” “No, i don’t know why he’s not in school yet” Tochi’s middle started to overcome once more.

“Oh God! What happened yesterday?” she requested.

“Nothing much, he went home without talking to me”

“He did?”

“Yes” Simply at that second.

Esther handed them making her presence to be identified however didn’t say the rest and even take a look at them.

Tochi sought after to greet her however she hesitated when she noticed that she used to be nonetheless offended.

The meeting started, but Wisdom used to be nowhere to be discovered.

Jennifer and Esther may see how Tochi stretched her head from time to time to peer if she would see him.

Even the entire scholars were given fearful why Wisdom wasn’t at school but.

Mr Anuma got here out and noticed scholars beneath a mango tree.

He regarded for Wisdom however didn’t see him.

“Hey, Chester!” he referred to as then Chester ran to him.

“Where is Wisdom?!”

“I don’t know sir”

“What nonsense!” he exclaimed and glanced at his wrist watch.

“You may go” he advised Chester.

Simply on the very sight of the entire scholars at the meeting even Tochi, Wisdom moved quickly to Mr Anuma who wasn’t having a look glad..


STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 26)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-six (26)


#THE_FOLLOWING_DAY Tochi went to university with a heavy center feeling like she have been disadvantaged from her proper.

She by no means ceased to seem gorgeous and wonderful within the sight of boys particularly Wisdom.

She made certain she was once in class as early as imaginable.

She walked majestically at the street resulting in her school room the place she noticed Wisdom coming from the opposite aspect of the street.

They got here nearer with out taking a look at each and every different.

“Good morning, senior” Tochi greeted however Wisdom didn’t reply, then she handed him however all of sudden grew to become.

“Won’t you answer my greetings?” she requested.

“When you are ready to greet me, you call me by my name” Wisdom answered.

Tochi gave a susceptible smile.

“Good morning, Wisdom” she repeated.

“Good morning, Welcome” he answered and in addition gave a susceptible smile.

Melody, who had small emotions for Wisdom removed it right away when she knew that it received’t choose her and deliberate to be nearer to Esther and Tochi.

Then again, Esther couldn’t wait to specific her emotions to Wisdom.

She got here right away after Tochi left into her school room and met Wisdom at the similar street.

“Good morning, Wisdom” she greeted sparkling with smiles or even gave him one sided hug.

“You look beautiful and happy this morning” Wisdom smiled too.

“Why shouldn’t i be?” “Wow! Good to hear” They stared at each and every different.

“Can i see you..” each mentioned on the similar time and laughed.

“You go first” Esther recommended.

At that second, Tochi got here out and noticed them in this sort of shut vary, then she become jealous gazing them.

“No, you go first” Wisdom insisted.

“Okay, i wanted to ask if i can see you after school hour” “That’s the same thing i wanted to ask” “That means we have the same thing in mind” “Maybe”

“Okay, see you then” Esther concluded and walked out simply to look Tochi taking a look at her.

They stared at each and every different, then Esther hissed and went into her school room.

Jennifer and Calista additionally got here to university with out smiling tracking Tochi’s motion however didn’t see any implication.

* * * * * * * * * * *


Melody was once extra acquainted with Esther than preliminary.

They stayed within the study room cracking jokes however Melody all of sudden wore a distinct face.

“What is it?” Esther requested her.

“Is it true you love Wisdom?”

“Who told you?” “Of course yesterday’s drama made it obvious” Esther remained quiet remembering the all factor.

“What if i say i love him?” she requested.

“That will be great! But what of Jennifer?”

“And so? Why is everyday scared of her?” “I’m just saying” Simply at that second, Tochi walked in after taking permission, then Esther frowned her face.

“Good day seniors” Tochi greeted.

“Welcome” Melody answered.

“Esther, can i talk to you?” “No”

“But i want you to understand that..”

“I said no!” Esther interrupted her angrily.

“Take it easy nah, listen to her!” Melody recommended.

“No, i can now not.

I’ve not anything to do together with her anymore.

Come, who allowed this woman into this elegance?!” she exclaimed and strong_headed boys seemed right away and chased Tochi away.

“You are so mean to her” Melody mentioned.

“That girl is a betrayer” “Hmm” She remained quiet.

* * * * * * * * * *


Chester cornered Tochi after Wisdom advised him to look forward to him to speak to Esther as they deliberate.

Scholars had long past house even Jennifer who have been tracking Tochi’s motion.

“Chester, i want to go” Tochi advised him on the front to her street house.

“Okay, but can i ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Do you really love Wisdom?” Listening to that, her center started to overcome once more and feeling scared.

“Don’t lie to me, do you love him?” Chester persuaded then she nodded her head definitely.

“Okay” Tochi progressively grew to become to move however stopped and checked out Chester.

“Where is Wisdom?” she requested.

“He’s with Esther?” Listening to that, her center skipped pondering that Wisdom was once in fact wearing out her directions, so she went house heartbroken.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was once no pupil within the elegance the place Wisdom stood on the window with Esther in some way Esther laid her again at the wall.

She progressively grabbed his waist and stared into his eyes.

“So tell me that which you wanted to tell me?” she mentioned smiling.

“No, you go first” Wisdom expostulated.

“No, i disagree” “Okay, if you say so” Wisdom started.

“I need you to remember that Tochi don’t have anything to do with me.

By means of the way in which, why are you even offended together with her?” Esther remained quiet biting her finger, them Wisdom gently take away it.

“I only came here to tell you that she’s innocence”

“Then who does your heart beat for?” Esther requested however Wisdom become quiet.

Esther may just sense that it wasn’t her then she touched his cheeks and mentioned, “Wisdom, i like you with all my center.

Please, inform me that you simply love me too, or am i now not gorgeous sufficient?”

“U are very beautiful my dear and i like you as a friend”

“Who then do you love?” “Is Tochi! My heart beat for,her” Esther started to shed tears.

“Please, don’t do this to me” she mentioned.

“I’m sorry, Esther” Wisdom progressively disengaged himself from her and walked away.

“Wisdom, please!” Esther cried…


STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 25)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-five (25)


Regardless that combating used to be prohibited in WISS particularly when it comes from a prefect like Wisdom who assume to turn just right instance, however the laws vanished from his head as he walked with all anger to Jennifer

Chester pursued him seeking to prevent him

“Wisdom stop, you are making a mistake!” he stated

Being a person and in addition a smart particular person, Wisdom knew that it’s going to be in opposition to him and uncall for if him, a boy struggle or quarrel with lady unnecessarily so he made it seem like an offence

Sooner than Jennifer may just realize what used to be going down, Wisdom spank her again infrequently and minimize out a flower as a cane

“Wisdom what is it?!” Jennifer requested

“Get on your kneels!” Wisdom instruction making ready the cane really well

Seeing that, Chester stood apart

“Excuse me?!” “I said get on your kneels!”

“For what?!” “For bullying an blameless lady, Tochi

And that’s in opposition to the college laws, so get in your kneels now!” Wisdom had by no means been so critical and pissed off

Chester sought after to forestall him however he checked out him and stated

“Stay out of this!”

“So because of Tochi that’s why you are acting this way” Jennifer hissed and walked out however Wisdom flogged her with the cane nonetheless insisting that she kneel down

Jennifer grabbed him at the fabric able to struggle which attracted a number of scholars, even Tochi noticed them from a distance and sought after to move and separate them

“Where are you going to?” Linda requested her

“Please, i want to go and make peace”

“No, you are going nowhere!” Linda held her hand

“Let’s go home” she added

“Linda, please nah!”

“I won’t allow you go there!”

“Okay, but let me see what will happen” Linda launched her

In the meantime, Jennifer launched Wisdom when Mr Anuma gave the impression

“Caleb, what’s going on?” he requested

“She bullied an innocent girl and refused to adhere to my instructions”

“She did?” “Yes, sir”

“Jennifer, you have to obey the senior prefect now!” Mr Anuma ordered

“Get on your kneels!” Wisdom steered once more earlier than she sluggishly knelt down, then Mr Anuma walked away

Seeing that, Linda dragged Tochi house

Jennifer remained like that beneath the solar making plans how she is going to take her revenge

Whilst Wisdom went to near the school rooms with Chester

“Guy, you need to forgive her”

“But why would she lay her hands on an innocent girl for no reason?”

“Remember you did the same thing to Tochi before she became your friend”

“But with a good reason, she refused to show respect!” Chester was quiet

Short while later, they went again to Jennifer

In the meantime maximum scholars had long past aside from others and Calista who sat apart looking ahead to Jennifer to be launched

“You may stand up” Wisdom informed her with a low voice

“I’m sorry however you’re over reacting

Tochi has performed not anything to you” he added

Jennifer stood up and dusted her kneels having a look at him

“You did this because of Tochi abi” she stated

“Well, you’ve not started because i won’t watch that girl take you away from me”

“Jennifer prevent this insanity!

You’re appearing loopy!”

“You are yet to see madness, just get ready!” she hissed and walked away adopted by way of Calista

* * * * * * * * * *


Tochi sat earlier than her desk stuffed with books

She couldn’t concentrat as a result of she anticipated Wisdom to return

Even her mom spotted it

“Tochi, is your teacher not coming today?” the mummy requested

“I don’t know mama” she responded

Unexpectedly Wisdom gave the impression

He greeted Mrs Desmond who replied to him really well and he walked right down to Tochi

“Good evening” she greeted with out smiling

“Evening” Wisdom grabbed a present affairs they usually started with none casualty


Wisdom used to be set to move, he walked out anticipating Tochi to escort him as standard however she didn’t

“Tochi won’t you go and escort him?” the mummy requested

“Mama, i don’t want to”



“Biko nwam, isn’t just right after serving to you favor this you permit him move like that

Simply move and escort him” Wisdom had already loosed hope that she gained’t be escorting him however to his wonder Tochi walked beside him with out pronouncing a phrase

“I thought you won’t escort me today” he broke the silence

“I saw you punishing Jennifer” Tochi modified the subject


“You shouldn’t have done that”

“Regardless that i apologized to her and launched her

However she shouldn’t have laid her fingers on you”

“She thinks we are dating” she smiled

“I’m sorry dear”

“No drawback

However do me a favour” she stopped and stared into his eyes

“What favour?” Wisdom requested

“I want you tell Esther tomorrow that we aren’t dating and that you love her”

“But why?!”

“For me to loose my judgment of right and wrong

She thinks that I’m taking you clear of her similar to Jennifer!” Wisdom remained speechless

“Please, will you do that for me?” Tochi requested

“I guess i should be going now” Wisdom walked out with out having a look again

Regardless that, it pained Tochi, she felt her eyes rainy with tears however she couldn’t do the rest

She used to be most effective seeking to make peace and loose herself from bother

She watched Wisdom walked till he vanished, then the tears in any case dropped…


STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 24)”


Season one (1) – Episode twenty-four (24)


Linda noticed what was once taking place during the window and ran outdoor however didn’t move close to as a result of she was once most effective however below the entire senior scholars

So she walked round and stood at the back of Tochi whose hand was once on her cheek to scale back the ache of the recent slap

“We should deal with this girl eh!!” one of the vital seniors stated and made a transfer however Esther became and driven her out

“You people should get out of here and leave her alone!” she shouted

“Esther, you pushed me because of this rat!” the coed shouted

“I will do worst than that if you don’t get out of here!” The pupil sought after to make some other transfer however Jennifer avoided her

“Listen to me, Tochi” she started

“Anywhere you see Wisdom start running because next time I will do worst than a slap! Nonsense!” she hissed and walked out angrily along with her buddies shaking their butts vigorously

Simply then, Melody and Chester sighted Esther during the window shouting at Tochi

“I never knew you are this deadly and wicked” Esther started

“How can you stab me at the back after all I told you?”

“I swear we didn’t do anything” Tochi stated

“We are not even doing anything” she added

“You disgust me!” Esther walked out angrily

She just about driven Chester down by accident

“Esther listen to me!” Tochi shouted and adopted her

“Senior! Esther! Please, hear me out!” she stopped at the approach and went into her school room making an attempt so onerous to keep watch over her tears

Melody and Chester changed into speechless questioning what was once occurring, so Chester requested Linda what took place and he or she informed him the whole lot from A-Z

“That girl Jennifer is so annoying!” Chester stated angrily and sought after to move and confront her however Melody held his hands

“Don’t go there, you will make the issue worst” she stated softly

“Just allow them be” she added

Chester’s thoughts step by step bogged down then he checked out Melody’s arms on his arm and he or she step by step disengage her arms

“I’m sorry” she stated however Chester didn’t say a phrase, then they walked into their school room whilst Linda additionally went into her school room simply to look Tochi along with her head on her locker losing tears

“Is okay” she started

“You will have just one choice for this tears to not linger

Simply avoid Wisdom

I’m telling you as a pal who is aware of what Jennifer and her mom can do to get what they would like” she positioned her hand on her shoulder

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Esther’s eyes had been rainy with tears too however wasn’t crying

She spaced out during the window since her locker was once beside the window

Her middle was once in part damaged when she made up our minds to let Wisdom know her emotions via herself as a substitute of sending folks like Tochi whom she believed that betrayed her

Simply then Melody and Chester walked as much as her

“Esther is okay” Chester step by step touched her shoulder

“Tochi is blameless

She’s no longer having any dating with Wisdom” he added however Esther didn’t have a look at him

Seeing that, Melody step by step went out to Jennifer and her buddies

She met them giggling critically on the front of the study room

“Just look at how you are disgracing yourself!” she informed Jennifer

“Wait, na who get this one way you talk now?!” Jennifer requested in pigin English

“You heard me, how could you do such a thing to that innocent girl?”

“Come, you don smoke weed, abi?” “Don’t mind her?” Calista added disdainfully

“Come, I noticed you retaining Chester’s hands

I’m hoping you aren’t eying him or you’re going to additionally obtain slap” she added

“Both of you disgust me! I cease to be your friend from today” Melody walked out shaking her sexy butt involuntarily

“And who cares?!” Jennifer shouted

“Gerara heeaar!” she added and so they laughed

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wreck length ended but, Wisdom wasn’t again from the necessary and hard errand

Simply ten mins earlier than faculty over, he arrived and located all over quiet and arranged

Tochi noticed him strolling into predominant’s workplace during the window and he or she got rid of her eyes immediately

However that wasn’t consistent

She saved glancing on the workplace to grasp when he’ll pop out having a look admirable

All of sudden, the bell rang for varsity over

Simply as Wisdom was once strolling to Chester’s school room, he noticed Tochi and Linda going house with their luggage

“Tochi!” he known as however she didn’t resolution him

“Tochukwu!” but, no reaction

To his very eyes, Melody and Esther walked out and headed directly to the street in their properties with out even pronouncing ‘Hi’ as standard, then he questioned why

“Guy, what is going on?” Wisdom requested Chester who met him

“Why is everybody behaving formal to me?”

“You mean Esther and Tochi?”

“Yes!” “Jennifer got into a fight with Tochi because of you, in Esther’s presence and you know what that means”

“But why would Jennifer do such a thing?”

“Guy, I can’t believe you are the one asking this question! She said she saw you with Tochi at Mr Anuma’s office on Friday”

“And so what?! I feel that woman is over reacting

What nonsense is that?! I’m going to show her a lesson!”

“Guy, calm down” Wisdom noticed Jennifer and Calista at that second, then he moved quickly to fulfill them..