Banky W: The Wedding Party 2 wraps in Dubai (Adesua)

The well-known Nollywood’s highest-grossing film ( Wedding birthday celebration) fanatics are one step nearer to taking part in the sequel of the film…..that’s the Section 2

Lagos, Nigeria – After a few weeks of capturing in the ‘Jewel of the Middle East’, The Wedding Party 2 is now in post-production, with many weeks forward of enhancing photos, sound and particular results, prior to the movie may also be screened at its first competition.

The forged and group labored amidst jaw-dropping surroundings and impressive venues, due to Dubai Tourism and a number of native companions. Via all accounts the film can be a visible deal with.

The director, Niyi Akinmolayan, loved capturing in Dubai and is enthusiastic about the following level. “It’s been a outstanding alternative to movie in Dubai – it used to be magical and the group used to be superior.

We’re extremely joyful to create one thing particular for audience and we’re certain that they are going to be inspired with the film,” he stated.

Mo Abudu, Govt Manufacturer for EbonyLife Movies, used to be additionally thrilled about being in Dubai. “We had a in reality difficult time table, however we’re satisfied to be shifting to the following section.

We’re in reality thankful for the improve we won from Dubai Tourism and everybody else in the vacation spot who labored so exhausting to make it conceivable and we additionally collaborated with some outstanding companions who handled us warmly and have been extraordinarily skilled,” she stated.

After lengthy days at the set, each forged and group have been in a position to unwind at attention-grabbing points of interest, akin to IMG Worlds of Journey, Dubai Mall and desert-based eating place Qasr Al Sultan, prior to retiring to luxurious lodging at Atlantis The Palm, Palazzo Versace, Armani and Ghaya Grand lodges. A few of these places are featured in the film however moviegoers should wait to peer which of them make the lower.

For fanatics eagerly expecting The Wedding Party 2: Vacation spot Dubai, this devoted group effort is a reminder of what they are able to be expecting – a hilarious, high quality movie that concurrently entertains and raises the usual of filmmaking in Nollywood.

We additionally learnt that “the film will have its Lagos premiere on December 10 , with cinema release in time for the Christmas holidays”.

In line with what we accrued the film Party 2 is a manufacturing of The ELFIKE Collective (Vacation spot, Dubai), this is EbonyLife Movies, FilmOne Distribution, Inkblot Productions and Koga Studios and is supported by way of Dubai Tourism, Wontra Trip, Excursion Agents World, Guinness Nigeria, and Atlantis The Palm, Palazzo Versace, Armani and Ghaya Grand lodges.

You’ll be able to talk over with their website for more info.

STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 30)”


Season one (1) – Episode thirty (30)


Tochi’s legs began to vibrate gradually and her sympathetic nervous system activated than before making her heartbeat increase like she was about to orgasm through sex.

Her lips shook gradually and eyes fist on Wisdom’s handsome face.

She couldn’t think of anything or anybody but Linda’s statement: “Better reject him if he propose unless you want to die.

I know what Jennifer and her mother can do just to get what they want”

She also remembered Jennifer’s recent statement: “You don’t know how extreme i can go just to win Wisdom’s heart, so better stay away from him”

Her mind diverted to Esther, “God, what will she say or do?” she thought.

As she reasoned all these things, Wisdom saw tears dropping from her eyes.

“Why do you shed tears my love?” he began to clean it.

“Please, say yes to me and i promise to be with you forever”

“Wisdom?” Tochi called.

“I must be lying if i say i don’t love you.

My heart beats when i just think of you, i feel the same way you feel but what about Jennifer and Esther?”

“You alone i have choosen and nobody else”

“I’m scared!”

“Nothing will happen to you!”

“I’m sorry Wisdom, i can’t do this.

I can’t face these people especially Jennifer and feel like a betrayer or boyfriend snatcher to Esther” she wanted to walk out but Wisdom held her back.

“Please, don’t leave without saying yes to me”

“I’m sorry Wisdom, i have nobody to fight for me”

“I will fight for you! I will always be there for you? Please, don’t break my heart”

“I’m sorry” she disengaged his hands and ran out.

“Tochi! Tochi!!” Wisdom called bitterly stretching his hand forward.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a disastrous day for the two lovers.

In all his life, Wisdom had never been rejected by a girl or feel heartbroken for once but here he was battling with the feelings.

He sluggishly opened his room, sling his school bag and laid on the bed.

“Akunauche” Mr Caleb, his father called and opened his room.

He actually calls him in igbo language than English.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Daddy!” he replied with his face on the bed.

The father noticed that something was bothering him but didn’t want to dig into it.

“Tell your mother i have gone out when she comes back” he said and closed the door without Wisdom responding.

On the other hand, Tochi also went straight to the backyard where her mother was.

She stood at the door with heavy eyes and greeted.

“Tochukwu” the mother called.

“Why are your eyes red and swollen up?” she asked.

“Are they?”

“Yes!” the mother stood up to get closer but Tochi interrupted her.

“Mama is nothing, an insect flew into my eyes”

“The two eyes?”

“Yes, mama” she turned immediately and went into her room.

“Lekwanum aya oh!” the mother exclaimed and went back to her seat.

“I rebuke that kind of insect in Jesus name oh” she added.

* * * * * * * * *

Jennifer went home just to met her mother with a handsome young man who was actually demanding for a love charm, then she stood at the window and taking a glance of what was going on in the main room.

“You only have to use these leaves” Mrs Mbakwe, her mother began and handed some leaves to the young man.

“Make sure you squeez one of them first thing tomorrow morning after calling her name three times, use the same hand and robbed the girl’s face, she will automatically become yours”

“I hope it works only on her”

“Yes, that’s why you must call her name before doing it” the young man smiled, he collected the leave, paid some money and went out just to see Jennifer at the window.

“Hey girl?” the man said.

“Good afternoon” Jennifer greeted and walked in shaking her buttocks which the young man glanced and smiled biting his lips.

Jennifer greeted her mother and watched her keep the remaining part of the leaves.

“I have actually seen what i wanted” she thought and couldn’t wait for the next day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Melody was really worried as a young 19 year old teenager who wasn’t given attention by boys.

As usual, she was the only one at home meditating in her room with a Biology textbook before her.

She wore a white top with only a pant sitting on a long stool.

One could see her fresh thighs and belly looking very attractive.

“I guess Chester is secretly in love with Esther” she thought and concentrated.

* * * * * * * * * *

On the other hand, at Esther’s resident, the house was a bungalow but fashionly designed without a fence.

Mr Godwin, her father’s car was parked outside but wasn’t at home.

Esther was in her room with a physics textbook.

She was actually trying so hard to get over everything that happened but couldn’t.

She wore a jean trouser and a bra, but when she heard a knock on the door she put on a T-shirt.

Meanwhile, her mother had gone to open the door.

She opened it and saw a young boy looking classic and handsome standing at the door.

“Good evening, ma’am” Chester greeted.

“Evening, who are you?” Mrs Godwin asked.

At that moment Esther came out and her eyes caught with that of Chester.

Then her heart skipped.

“I’m Silva Chester” Chester introduced himself…

WATCH OUT FOR EPISODE THIRTY-ONE (31) NEXT WEEK ((either on Tuesday or Friday))

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STORY: The Unexpected Love “season 1 (EPISODE 18)”


Season one (1) – Episode eighteen (18)


The whole thing was once obviously observed and understood by way of Esther and Chester as they watched Wisdom and Tochi waking to them in this kind of suspicious approach. They have been strolling rapid however to the eyes of Esther it gave the impression they have been in sluggish movement.

“Isn’t Tochi his heartbeat?” Esther requested Chester.

“Do you think so?” he threw again the query.

“Isn’t it obvious? I can remember the type of eyes Wisdom looked at her this morning”

“We shouldn’t just conclude like that. Though I will find out from him”

Simply on the very eyes of Esther, Tochi and Wisdom arrived.

“Good day seniors” Tochi greeted however Esther didn’t reply. Handiest Chester spoke back.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting bro” Wisdom shook fingers with him. He spotted that Esther wasn’t satisfied however he pretended to not see her.

“Can I talk to you, bro?” Chester asked and so they adjusted to a distance leaving most effective Esther and Tochi who checked out every different.

“Esther, you are not happy” Tochi broke the silence. “What is the problem?” she added.

“Nothing is the problem. Why have you not gone?” she folded her fingers.

“Wisdom said I should wait for him”

“Really? And when did you start calling him by his name?”

“I’m sorry, I mean senior Wisdom”

“Why did he tell you to wait for him?”

Tochi knew that she couldn’t divulge the primary explanation why, differently it’ll purpose a large downside. Then she responded and mentioned, “He only decided to go with me”



“Are you sure there is nothing going on between you and him?”

“No oh”, Tochi exclaimed, then Esther moved nearer to her and positioned her hand on her shoulder.

“Tochi my friend” she started. “You know that it will break my heart to see Wisdom with you. Please, never allow him to do that. Even though he propose, reject it, okay?”


“Now I need that your former suggestion”

“What suggestion?”

“I want you to make Wisdom realise that I love him. Can you do that for me?”

Tochi nodded her head. “Yes, I can” she responded..

However, Chester introduced down his voice and mentioned, “Guy, to be frank with you, Esther loves you very much. Just give her a chance”

“What are you talking about, bro?”

“I’m just telling you the truth”

Wisdom, being sensible and clever understood that Esther should had been the person who despatched him to persuade him.

“By the way” Chester broke the silence. “I want to ask you again. You and Tochi are becoming suspicious. What is going on?”

“Nothing is going on bro. We are doing nothing, I haven’t even told her anything about my feelings”

“There I got you!” Chester exclaimed. “Now, do you have feelings for her or not? I mean do you love her?”

Wisdom remained quiet for occasionally watching him.

“Guy, is a crime?” he requested and persisted, “I’m beginning to have strong feelings for her. Is it my fault that I don’t feel anything for Esther or any other girl?”

Chester become dumb listening to Wisdom confessing his emotions to him. Then he exhaled deeply.

“This is unexpected love” he mentioned.

“Yes bro, and I can’t hide my feelings forever. I have to let her know how I feel”

“But it gonna be disastrous. Remember what Jennifer did and said today. You and I know that Tochi will be in a very big trouble for this journey you are about to embark”

Wisdom remained quiet.

“Well, I wish you good luck” Chester concluded and shook fingers with him once more. He waved at Esther and Tochi with smiles on his face and went house.

Wisdom returned to the 2 ladies and each adopted him till he locked the entire study rooms. Then they started to move house…


Jennifer angrily stored her bag and folded her fingers. The mom got here out, she tied a wrapper and toilet slippers have been on her ft. On her head was once a gray hair and a black hair. And in her fingers have been a host of leaf with a knife.

“Jennifer, what is it? Who offended you?” she requested however Jennifer didn’t reply.

“Is it your teacher?”

“No” she groaned.

“Then who put you in this moon?”

“Nobody, my friend only betrayed me”

“How? And who’s your friend?” she waited for a solution however didn’t get one. “When you are ready to talk, you let me know” she concluded and went to the yard.


Simply on the position the rain met Tochi and Wisdom yesterday, Esther held Wisdom’s hand and flung it back and forth. Tochi remained quiet pretending to not be jealous.

“When are you going to visit me?” Esther requested Wisdom.

“You really want me to visit u?”

“Yes, at least you know the house of your future in-law” she smiled taking a look at him.

“Yes, that’s good” Wisdom glanced thru Esther to peer Tochi and their eyes stuck. Tochi wasn’t smiling, somewhat she stared on the tree they stayed underneath yesterday and he or she smiled.

“Why are you smiling looking at the tree?” Esther requested her.

“Nothing, it only reminded me of someone”

Listening to that, Wisdom indexed sparsely.

“Who’s that person?” Esther sought after to understand.

“A guy in my former school”

“Hmm.. Okay oh. Take it easy, it seems you are falling inlove with that person, aren’t you?”

The query made Tochi and Wisdom checked out every different..


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