STORY: The Painful Moment – EPISODE 4 (four) @EkesplanetENT


Let continue this week updates on our story – The painful moment.



They began to set the stage, put everything in place. The DJ at a corner playing “one corner” (lol). We waited till 7:45am before it started. I had already spoken with my second model that the guy gave me. I believed in myself with the guy. His would be damn simple (I guessed). Very soft hair with a good front hairline.

At 7:40 pm. We were called to come on stage with our kits, plug in and put everything in place.

Barber-3-1-STORY: The Painful Moment - EPISODE 4 (four) @EkesplanetENT

Next, we were asked to call our model.

Guess what happened?

Before I turned around to find the guy, I saw him on another sit owned by the guy who gave me the model.

What is the meaning of this?

I swear, the guy frowned at me and asked me to look for another person. He said that was who he would be using. That was another fuck up for me. What a friend! After every plan and preparation with the guy’s head? We were told to get set in 2 minutes times. I nearly fainted!

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A guy later showed up who happened to be one of that guy’s friends. Okay fine, I begged the guy to switch the model with me. He said no, that was who he would be using.

Chai! After I bought “Cway drink and gala from Shoprite for this idiot”.

“Not your fault”, I said. It was me who didn’t have a model I brought from home. That wasn’t my fault either. Most of my friends were having low-cut, I knew they wouldn’t be useful. Most of my personal clients gave me one excuse or the other. Some said they were going to their workplace. Some have traveled. Some didn’t turn up.

In fact, I approached people I don’t know telling them if they could be my model. Those people were very funny, they would first thought I was a gay who wanted to fuck their asses. It was until I showed them the artwork of the competition before some believed me. Yet, it was these excuses from them.

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Truly, I knew I tried to find models, but… That was how God wanted it to be. Okay, I would manage the guy.

We were grouped into 2 batches. There were 7 seats. 7 in the first batch, 7 in the second batch.

The moderator announced the name of the style we would be cutting. It was called “skin fade“. The skin fade I knew almost look like “high cut fade” we cut in the first round. I was confused. Then, one of us requested for a picture and we were all shown. It was a bit different from “high cut fade”. Well, wetin I no fit cut as long as say Na clipper I go use. I was confident. The only problem I had with the guy was just that I needed to low his hair to a certain level, and this will take extra time out of 15 minutes of course.

I cannot come and go and kill myself, I would win if God said yes. But I didn’t want to go by the cutting style I used in the first round. I wanted to make sure I finish this one.

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We started at once, and everything began. Come and see panic. I no know say people sabi fear. When they saw crowd watching them, fear hooked up with them… LOL


I know you wish that the story ends today but I must confess to you “it can’t”…..we are going to add one more episodes tonight (making 3 episodes for this week only).

So, watch out for episode 5


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