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I firstly started with the guy’s hair by cutting the “fade-part” away. I mean I wanted to make sure I finished the hair, unlike what I cut my first model. In less than 10 minutes, I was done with the cutting. I wondered where the supernatural power came from. I didn’t believe I could be so fast. Probably because I had the same challenge in the first round.

You needed to see how my pocket was full of tools. I “shuk” scissors, combs, brushes and other tools in the four pockets I was having on my trouser jeans. The moderator didn’t allow me to use my apron this time around. He said the name “Dark and lovely” written on the apron is unacceptable.

Barber-3-1-STORY: The Painful Moment - EPISODE 5 (five) @EkesplanetENT

“Here is Kayzplace, not Dark and Lovely”, he had told me.

I was looking around to see where I had not done right when the time keeper (actually the “MC”) announced 4 minutes more. That was when I remembered that the guy I was cutting was having beards I needed to shave.

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I quickly switched on my “Andis” clipper, that is one of the things the clipper is meant to do. I shaved him, not even minding if it was neat or not. They would only judged with the hair cut, and not the beards cut, I assured myself.

Two minutes to go, I brought out my scissors and combs. I started to do some crazy fading with the scissors that caught many audience attention. Nobody again could do that, I guessed – at least, no one used scissors.

I had already finished everything before the MC shouted “DJ, hold it. Hands up”. All hands were up. You needed to see how we were sweating profusely despite the fact that it was in the night, the sun had fallen, and we were under fresh natural air. It wasn’t easy.

We packed our things and left. The other batch climbed up the stage and work began.

Meanwhile, the guy who collected the model he gave me was in my batch while the only lady was in the second batch.

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As my batch climbed down the stage, my model I believed I cut well started to murmur something I couldn’t hear properly to the guy who gave me a model. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me:

“This is not what you are asked to cut. You cut a different style.”


Hmmmm….you exclaimed also, that is gobé for our writer ooo (lolz)

The story will continue next week and I must tell you that the story is coming to an end by next week also.

So, get prepare for the amazing prize we have for you by just answering some questions related to the story ).

So till next week – we love you all

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