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The Painful Moment – EPISODE 6 (six)


Last week episode was based on the “SECOND ROUND”

And the second and final round was announced to take place outside (barely on the road). Anyone passing by could see what is going on.

In the last episode of last week (EPISODE 5)…we are about to say goodbye (lolz) to our writer (àbí what next)?

He cut a wrong style for his model


“As my batch climbed down the stage, my model I believed I cut well started to murmur something I couldn’t hear properly to the guy who gave me a model. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me:

“This is not what you are asked to cut. You cut a deferent style.”

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Huh? Different style kwa? That was when I turned around to look at other models’ hair. It was truly a different style that I cut. The two styles only looked alike. At that point, I didn’t get myself anymore.

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I had to leave their midst and stay at the back stage. I moved far away from everyone. I already believed I was a failure. I wouldn’t qualify for the final round. My dream to become the best barber, or at least get a price was over. I felt sad that I had water filled in my eyes. I just bundled myself in a corner where I was out of sight of many people. Only a few people could see where I was sitting. I also couldn’t see what was happening on the stage anymore. I could only hear the MC through the speaker placed not too far away to where I was sitting, crying in silence.

After around 20 minutes that the second batch was done. I heard (through the speaker) that we should all wait for the judges to compile the results, and then the names of the qualifiers would be announced.

10 minutes later, they started to announce the name. If you asked me, I would say I wouldn’t be part of the qualifiers because I cut a wrong style. I only wanted to hear the names and walk my shit out of there. It was already past 9 . My house was a bit far to the venue. I had to enter 3 different busses before I reach my house. The commercial busses would spend up to a hour on the road (without hold-up). I just wanted to hear the names and get lost. One of the judges announced the names.

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To my surprise, I heard “Akinbola Ilyas” as the fourth name mentioned. I couldn’t believe my ears. I almost fainted. The way I jumped up with joy from where I folded myself got attention of some folks who had almost got drunk with free drinks from “Jameson”.

I entered the stage, where we lined up besides ourselves,facing the crowd, I peeped to look at the other qualifiers to the final stage. We were 6 in numbers. I saw Oyinye – the only girl among us – standing next to me. Good luck to her too. I saw a guy the crowd had been hailing too. His name was “Shaggy”. I saw another guy, another guy, and another guy…. But Tunde – the guy who took away the model he gave me – was no where to be found.

At that point, I wanted to say that served him right. On the other hand, I felt pity for him because he gave the model he took away from me a very nice cut. He cut the right style too. But what got him disqualified was unknown to me.

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Then, what got me qualified? I didn’t know either. But I guessed it due to the way I handled my tools. Remember, they were judging us in 5 criterias. I did my best to get a very good point on every aspect.

I wore hand gloves and cleaned my clippers properly (hygiene). I used many tools to cut in different styles (techniques). I faded the hair correctly and gave him a sharp outline. I was fast enough that I finished cutting him. But one thing was sure for me – I didn’t cut the right style. Probably my points in the other aspects got me into the final round.

Then, the final round was about to start. But I still had another problem. Guess what it was

We are heading towards 2nd to the last episode, stay tuned – Episode 7 (seven) loading


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