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My problem was actually a model. No model to barb.

I had been having many obstacles that day, that I almost scored myself “zero”. Starting from “don’t draw anything on my head,not even a ‘line'” to models fucking me up. I already believed I couldn’t have a high point with all the challenges I encountered. But yet, I didn’t want to give up. I still believed in myself.

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When it was about a few minutes to start the final round where only 3 people would qualify for the prizes, when I was still looking in askance to find who to be my model, one guy behind me also had the same problem – no model to barb. Then another person from my left side too.

This was becoming interesting, I said. I wasn’t the only one who had no model to barb. That was when the MC announced to the audience:

“who would like to cut his hair for free by these great barbers?”

Then, one guy from nowhere came to my sit. He was having a high cut fade. Before anything, I wanted the guy to know the number one rule – he mustn’t discuss anything with me. I also wanted to ask if he would allow me draw designs (tattoos) on his head. He agreed to the two things. And then the MC asked if we were ready. All of us shouted ‘yes’. Then, the moderator called the name of the style we would be cutting. That was “low-cut fade”.

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I entered another “one chance”. My model was having a high-cut fade. I would need to low the high cut on his head before I can achieve the result of a “low-cut fade”. And I knew it, 15 minutes would never even be enough to low the hair, let alone blending the fade. In his reaction too , the guy didn’t also want to low his hair. Who knew if he had been keeping the hair for years (lol). The guy had to go.

Just few seconds to start, when everybody was already set, one nonsense “Agbero” boy (tout) just appeared in my front. He was like:

“Guy, barb me. Gimme better haircut” – in an irritating frog voice. From his voice, you’d know he had just finished smoking weed.

WaLlahi, I had no choice than to barb him. I was the only person remaining to get set. I was delaying the 5 other contestants who were ready to cut any hair cut-able.

“Guy, sit down”, I said. I was already sad that I would be cutting a tout whose face looked like monkey. I doubted if the best style in this whole world would fit on his head with that kind of face he had.

We were called to action and we all started

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I started by drawing my designs on the two sides of his head first. Then, I began to cut.

Oyinye was using the front seat while I was behind her. Anytime she moved around, her shadow would block the rays of light to my side. I would strain my eyes or turn the chair around just to make sure I did something reasonable.

I looked at my side, I saw shaggy fighting with his clipper with a screwdriver. That was his own fuck up. Meanwhile, he has not even cut the hair to the halfway. Frustration was written all over his face as he struggled to get the clipper fixed on time.

I won’t lie to you. I didn’t cut that guy with joy. But I remembered, I was already killing my dream to become the best barber. So, I tried to do my best with his hair… And viola! It looked dope, at least to some extent.

Since we started the cutting, I had not seen Oyinye fading any side. She was just focused on something she was drawing. I wondered what she could be drawing. The other guys were also drawing some things too. I couldn’t see clearly. But thank God, I wasn’t left out in the drawing. I drew two designs.

Few minutes later, the time was up and we were asked to drop everything. We lined up with our models by our sides. We were facing the audience who were already snapping us pictures and recording videos with their phones.

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Its the judgement moment when we would know the winners. They only needed the first second and the third best barbers. The remaining 3 would get no prize.

Some audience started to murmur about what Oyinye drew on his model’s head. Soon, the MC took over and began to talk about the aeroplane

she drew on the guy’s head.

I didn’t know if the MC was actually making jest of her or was praising her, he talked about it for more than 3 minutes.

And so, the “Agbero” that I cut left my side to say something while pointing at Oyinye:

“This one Na aeroplane wey go take all of us go abroad ooh. Make ona give this girl ihn money. Na she win everything”.

I know you are also think about the foolish model (Agbero)….did this man want our author to fail at this moment?

Thunder fire this “Agbero” (did I just caused)….no no no, why won’t I caused him.

This man want our author to be disqualify because there are some rules (model and the contestant must not talk).

Hmmmmm, watch out for the last episode sha… feeling pity (cry) for our author.


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