STORY (last): The Painful Moment – EPISODE 8 (eight – The end)


The conclusion part “The Painful Moment – EPISODE 8 (eight – The end)”


Was this guy mad? He didn’t even praise me that cut him, he was praising another person. Even breaking the rule – our models mustn’t say anything to any contestant, not even us their barbers.

The MC ignored him and after some moments, he repeated the same stupid act. That was when I tried to call him to order (I was also breaking the rule). Was it my fault to call him to order?

Barber-3-1-696x791-STORY (last): The Painful Moment – EPISODE 8 (eight – The end)

After a while, a judge appeared and said (through the microphone) that we would be judged by the results they had with them, as well as audience opinions. 20% for the audience opinions while 80% for the results they had with them.

Audience opinions first. Each model would turn around for the crowd to see and the cut on their head, and the MC would ask if his barber was the best barber. They would count how many people that raised hands, and how loud their noise was for the particular barber.

The number of people that raised hands for shaggy was about 30, accompanied by a loud noise. He got so many audience who came with him from home. Be like he was a popular barber around that area because he didn’t even finish the hair he barbed. That was audience for him.

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Hands that were raised for a guy called Quadri was 16 while Oyinye was almost million. I heard the MC saying she was supposed to be rewarded for the courage she took as the only girl among 32 men.

It reached my turn. How many people would raise hands for me? I was already feeling ashamed of the guy. He was too ugly, even with the nice cut I gave him. Then, I heard a murmur from an audience telling her friend that I tried for the hair I cut, just that the guy was not just looking good.

The MC asked, “how many of you believe Akinbola is the best barber tonight?” I looked around to see if anyone was raising hand up, then, the MC began to count. He could count 17. That gave me a false hope because after Shaggy and Oyinye, I had the highest number of hands raised up.

To round it up. The MC handed the microphone over to the founder of Kayzplace, Mr. Kay, to announce the names of the winners. He started by praising all of us who made it to the final stage and those that didn’t. He said it took a great barber to have the courage to come to the competition. He added that we shouldn’t think that people who wouldn’t go home with a prize were not good enough.

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Then, he said he would firstly call the names of the winners for their automatic employment. He said he wanted to give 5 people out of 6 of us an automatic employment to their new salon in VGC. To be sincere, that would be a very great opportunity for me as I would meet celebrities, and probably people who could link me up.

Then, I heard “Akinbola Ilyas” first. Wow! Did that mean I was the winner of the contest? No, He had not concluded.

He said I tried a lot, but that’s how God wanted it to be with me. He said I was the last person in the final round. The other 5 contestant got automatic employment…..yeh

So, the names of the winners?

The first 3rd price went to Oyinye, while the 2nd price went to Quadri and the first prize went to Shaggy.

I felt like crying when I remembered it was actually my first time to enter a public barbers contest. Didn’t I try to get the 6th position out of 32 contestants?

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Instead of feeling bad, I saw it as a success.

I had always believed in myself, and at least I didn’t falsely believe. I knew things that fucked me up. I made something out of nothing. I gave myself a good courage and went home.

I lost #150,000 I had felt it was mine to Shaggy. May God bless him. He had made me learn a lot of lessons.

I know you are feeling pity for the author likewise I.

Its really pain me, what a “painful moment” 150k gone like that.

Now to our give away prize….please note I (we) don’t have 150,000 naira to give you oooo (lolz) but we just have a “recharge card” of the first number out of the 150k to give out.

That is, a recharge card of 1k any network by just answering 3 simple question. Yap, just three questions derived from the story.


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