Oshiomhole: Reps member, Kurfi attacks Okorocha , others over APC chairman


Imo-2019-Okorocha-on-a-mission-to-destroy-his-deputy-Madumere-Ajumbe-Oshiomhole: Reps member, Kurfi attacks Okorocha , others over APC chairman

The Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream), Hon. Danlami Mohammed Kurfi has added his voice with others who are cheerful with the leadership breed of the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

Speaking with some select journalists in Abuja, Kurfi who is representing Dutsin-ma/Kurfi Federal Constituency in Katsina State at the National Assembly, stated that those who are antagonizing Oshiomhole are the few egocentric political leaders within the party, who are curved on fielding into elective positions family members, wives, friends, cronies, in-laws and puppets, with flagrant disregard to the morose consequences which it could cause the party throughout the forthcoming 2019 general election.

The Katsina born Federal parliamentarian further stated that Oshiomhole will persist to be keen on the exhort of President Muhammadu Buhari and other force brokers in the Presidency and the party, pointing out that dialogue is unmoving ongoing with those that are unmoving upset over the outcome of the party primaries which was recently concluded.

He said, “Following the unfair and unpopular exclaim on the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Adams Oshomhole to resign, I can conveniently uncover you {today} that such gang up against this sincere and progressive party National leader will never trade, you can quote me anywhere.

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“Let me uncover you in lucid terms, some Governors in our political party are really not acting enjoy right progressives, they are the problems we are just having, particularly those from the North. A right leader must not be egocentric. You can’t stash bringing paper-weight politicians, those who are trainee in politics, and those who lack electoral values over and above those who are on ground and loved by the grassroots and that possess paid their dues through thick and skeletal in the party, this is purely against the precept of equity and righteous which our party is built on.

Kurfi continued, “It is really shameful to glimpse a situation where some Governors are fielding their son-in-laws, wives, offspring, friends, puppets, cronies and so on, some of them didn’t flat stand to contest the primaries and those that did, failed woefully, yet their sponsors will unmoving not call for to renounce, this is a unfortunate reality that our party is witnessing {today}, it’s very sad. Of lesson, this is not only peculiar to the country Governors in our party, but numerous of our party leaders across the 6 geo-political zones are also equally guilty of this undemocratic act of imposing their preferred candidates on the party and other better-qualified party loyal who are aspiring for elective positions at countless levels’’

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“As lone of the stakeholders in APC, I assure entire our party loyal across board that hope is not missing yet as the party will arrive out stronger and bring President Muhammadu Buhari in the forthcoming election. Moreover this is the instance we expect our dear President to be more true and resolute, he should not pay attention to those who are seeing the party as a platform to enact commerce and create profit at the expense of the majority of our party loyal, our party is not for sale and cannot be hijacked by force drunk and egocentric politicians.

‘‘We urge the National Chairman to remain steadfast and focused on the good job he’s doing and known for and we also assure him that void no matter how highly placed they mull over they are can omit him from that office. So far, he has done well and he will persist to be keen on our exhort and without bias the integrity of his leadership breed remains commendable and new.

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“I create fearless once again to state President Muhammadu Buhari has offered a neat fracture from the corruption that characterized our kingdom in the past. The APC administration has arrive as a long-awaited saviour to bring the kingdom from leadership flaws and administrative indiscretion. President Buhari has broken the grasp and jinx of inequality which had closed leadership possibility against Nigerian youths and women in the preceding years.

“Therefore, all malicious, disrespectful and derogatory utterances against APC National Chairman propagated by those who ought to hide their faces in shame but rather are not hiding their faces but raising their voices in arrogance to demand for another opportunity and right to return the nation to the era of rampage and wasteful spending without respect for God, humanity and morality. President Buhari and Oshiomhole are truly sent by God and I believe they will both usher in landslide victory for APC in 2019 by the grace of God.”


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