Akwa Ibom speaker warns colleagues in govt over proposed N30,000 national minimum wage


Why-I-refused-N2bn-offered-me-by-Buhari-Akwa-Ibom-Speaker-Luke-Akwa Ibom speaker warns colleagues in govt over proposed N30,000 national minimum wage

The Speaker of the Akwa Ibom nation House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke had said that no responsible government at any smooth should peek the proposed N30,000 minimum wage by the organised labour as a burden, or too soaring to pay civil servants.

He added that the implementation of the recent minimum wage would not in any mode affect the privileges and pays attached to government officials.

The Speaker who said this at the same time fielding questions from journalists in Uyo, Akwa Ibom nation capital, maintained that having been fully aware of what government spends money on, it was not a fat task for the government to pay workers N30,000 as a minimum wage.

According to him, “With the resources that we utilize in this state, N30, 000 is not something too much for any government to pay. That is my place as a son of a worker and as a son of a retired teacher.

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“Also as a man who has been on top of government administration by reason of my capacity and exposure to national bodies in my days as the pioneer Speaker of Nigerian Youth Parliament and having been close to the then President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua (late) and the workings of government, and having known what government spends money doing, I think government has the capacity to pay N30, 000 minimum wage.”

Luke, who famous that payment of the recent minimum wage by government would not affect the pays and privileges of government officials, urged his colleagues in government not to obtain the inhabitants they lead for granted.

His words, “Yes, we leaders are enjoying the pays and privileges but we should not obtain Nigerians for granted. If leadership is to be honest at every one levels with the led there are sure matters that we should not be doing.

“It is not approximately party or politics but approximately the cost that we assign to the inhabitants that God has given us the possibility to lead and not to be speaking from both sides of our mouth.

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“It is saddening when we grant politics to choose everything and with due admiration the mode the federal government is playing politics because of 2019 election is not speaking well of leadership.

“You don’t do everything for the purpose of winning election rather for the purpose of development and good governance.”

On the issue of President Muhammadu Buhari’s WAEC certificate saga, the Speaker expressed dismay over the sort of presentation of the attestation to the President, saying that such had brought the office of the president to ridicule.

“I admiration the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What I would only essential to remark on is that WAEC did not want to enact a community presentation of the certificate to the President.

“There are certain things you do and you ridicule that office, that is the highest office in the land. But since the certificate has been so presented, let them submit it to INEC,” he said.


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