Rapist who lures his victims using blackmail jailed for 15 yrs – Metro


A man, Rhys Miller-Offiong, 24, who poses as a white person on Facebook has received a 15-year jail sentence for raping victims behind he must ownuse blackmailed them.

He is proficient to enact this by encouraging them to send bare selfies. In a report published by the Independent UK News on Thursday, December 6, 2018, he lures a 19-year-old woman to a assembly.

The latter behind discovering the convict’s accurate identity is threatened with having indecent pictures of her exposed whether she refuses to proceed to a space with him.

Rhys Miller-Offiong reportedly of Muirkirk Road, Catford located in southeast London, takes her to an address in the plot on Sunday, August 27, 2018, and rapes her.

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He gets the jail word at the Woolwich Crown Court behind pleading guilty to unit add of rape, unit add of blackmail, four counts of distributing indecent images of a young man, three counts of disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to bring on misery, and unit add of committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence.

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The Independent UK confirms this in the report. It gathers more from an investigator, Detective Constable Paul Harakis shortly behind the verdict was served.

“Miller-Offiong is a predatory sex offender who has drawn unsuspecting girls into his sexual trap via social media.

“The victims in this case ownuse shown real might of character and fortitude by both assisting our investigation and providing evidence to the court which left Miller-Offiong with tiny option than to press guilty.

“I would be keen on to compliment their bravery and courage in coming forward and I hope it gives them some figure of closure presently that Miller-Offiong is backside bars,” Harakis discloses in a remark.

To prevent more of such crimes behind he must ownuse served word in jail, more measures ownuse been situate in space.

When he gets released, Miller-Offiong will be made to signal the Sex Offenders’ Register for an indefinite period and will be subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.


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