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Ekesplanet (ENT) is among one of the most visited online platform (websites) and a fast arising entertainment website not only for it’s beautiful design and easy navigation but also for its loaded, rich, priceless and unique contents.

We delivers hot and fresh Nigerian #entertainment contents, like Celebrity ? news i.e celebrity gist || Music ? which includes latest music, promoted music , dj’s mixtapes and music lyrics || Videos ? which includes music videos , funny videos, movies videos and sports highlights || Our showcased article ? which includes promoted music, promoted products, site news (Ekesplanet) and lots of interesting and motivational stories.

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After much consideration and scruitination Ekesplanet.com was first launched in 4th of March, 2015 as an educational website and we later decide to re-launch the website to an entertainment website after much dedication, reasoning and suggestions we change the niche to ENT niche on the 2nd of Jan., 2018 and since it’s inception as entertainment website, Ekesplanet has been providing immense and unqualifiable help and services to Nigeria entertainment industry by keeping Nigeria citizens abreast of latest celebrities news ?, music ? and videos ? including motivation stories.

Our main and focus mission is to become the best online portal which delivers Nigerian entertainment content to Nigerians people (home & abroad) so as to make them be well updated about the happenings in Nigeria entertainment industry and up-to-date music ? and videos ? produced in Nigeria ??.


1) Updates latest celebrities ? news directly from the celebrity world ? (Instagram and Twitter)

2) Updates latest music ? as hot as it’s released

3) Updates highly released videos ? as fast as they are released

4) Updates an interesting and motivational stories every week (Friday night)

5) Total updates on ourSite news board

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We can never forget our superlative and hardworking crew (admins) for their really impressed work & productive ideas, since the inception of this website.

They are the brain behind the successfulness of Ekesplanet (SFT_CONCEPT)

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